Valley of Death by Sivan - [Reviews - 0]
(Wordcount: 4231 - Reads: 15093)
What lies on the Misty Mountains? What make the elves easy prey when they go there? Is there anyone who can face it, and stay alive?

Stronger than Darkness by Silivren Tinu - [Reviews - 1]
(Wordcount: 2388 - Reads: 2135)
When Aragorn is lost in darkness, will he find the strength to survive? Angst, friendship. Also featuring Legolas and a short appearance by Thranduil...

Follow the Sun by Nieriel Raina - [Reviews - 2]
(Wordcount: 1537 - Reads: 2503)

Undying Friendship Series. Legolas faces the darkest night of his life – and the death of a close friend.

Thorongil: Eagle of the Star by Gwaeros - [Reviews - 5]
(Wordcount: 1232 - Reads: 1900)

One-shot. A moment in the life of Aragorn as he serves Ecthelion under the guise of Thorongil. Please R&R.

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