Clemency Lennox08/30/11 11:46 am1: Chapter 1Anonymous
What a beautiful story! I think you have written it very well. The portrayal of Aragorn's thoughts and feelings in the story are real and natural- the best I have read in a long time. I wait eagerly for your next story!

Amarok12/05/10 11:51 am1: Chapter 1Signed

Hiya Gwaeros, I love the first peson perspective. And Thorongil is so typically 'Aragorn' here, always thinking of others before himself, fighting even though it feels hopeless, and drawing strenght from his love. Nicely done :-).


Striderette912/03/10 04:59 pm1: Chapter 1Signed

I love this, Gwaeros! A beautiful glimpse of Thorongil's heart while in the service of Ecthelion and Gondor. How like Aragorn to constantly think of others even when he is wounded! His grief for Daeron and his concern for the family this fallen soldier has left behind are very touching and speak well to the character of Aragorn, ever the estel of his people.

cairistiona12/03/10 03:30 pm1: Chapter 1Signed

Very well done!  You managed to pack a lot into what could have been a fairly simply h/c ficlet.  I love that Thorongil's first words were asking after the man he tried to save.  And I also love how despite the turmoil, pain and sadness, at the end, he is able to find peace though thoughts of Arwen.  Really a great first fic--I hope you have many more planned!

Ellynn11/14/10 11:27 am1: Chapter 1Signed

Very well done! I like how you portray Aragorn.

Author's Response:

Thank you =) It took a lot of work to get him sounding IC, as that's something that I can often struggle with, so I'm glad I did it well in the end.

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