Elemmire11/20/06 01:00 am1: Stronger than DarknessSigned

I read this once before... don't know why I didn't review... I had liked it. Ok, very good! I like the mingling of Black Breath with his problems; I applauded you on that the first time I read. Your creativeness on the common "shadows-are-after-me" was refreshing, and with a wonderful feeling of relief, I can say that LotR fanfiction is not lost to dumb redos of the same ol' plots! I love half-happy endings, where something was lost, or hurt beyond recall, even as life goes back to normal. But this, I believe, was as good a happy ending as can be, (out of Pentangle's works... sorry) and would like to personally congratulate you on your 3rd place! Excellent work!

Elemmire Star-Sheen 

Doom's Day of Menelmacar

Author's Response:

I'm glad you enjoyed my story! I always wanted to write something about Aragorn meeting the Nazgul before LOTR (he seems to know a lot about them), but it is hard to create such a story without murdering canon. I like the way this story turned out, though I was only kind of playing around - the subject would call for a longer, angstier story. Yep, it was definitely one of my happy endings - I often prefer half-happy endings (nice way to call it) as well, but I can't say I like reading or writing bad endings. ;-) Thanks a lot for the congrats and for another review! :)


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