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Elen síla lumenn' omentielvo, a le suilon! Thank you for dropping by! My name (by generator) is Lúthien Lissësúl, to which I adopted Tinúviel out of want, and then Elemmírë in honour of this site. So I sign things "L. T. E. LL" all the time. The double L on the end is a secret *g*. My good friend is Calaquendi, a sweet angel and best of companions from cruel Reality.

I am a complete Tolkien freak, and have yet to change to anything less. I love each and every character— my love is not constrained to Legolas and Aragorn alone, though they are holding the top place on my list. What I am able to show here is just the tip of the iceberg. A very large iceberg. I have 20+ plots I need to put down. I love angst, torture, drama, action/adventure, and question-based stories. I love to review, and will review anyone who is kind enough to leave a review on any one of my stories.

I am a Christian, and so no slash, smut, or language will be found here or in any story else where (which is nowhere yet except on Teitho), and I would prefer not to read any. The only one that I will suffer is light language, and that is with a temper. (Romans 1:28-32) Sadly, I am a rambler, and have yet to over come that. You'll see. I promise. I am also a complete and total Pentangle-addict, and will tell you so *anytime* I can. Pentangle's stories are amazing! Aia! I beleg od iaur garbalan admin Enedh-amar! Alae! Pentangle i Resplendent!

I have been away a long time, I know, but it is not because my love for Tolkien has perished. Nay, nay, that would be impossible. I have been very busy, but I do intend to pick up with Teitho, and post a few stories more that have been playing in my head. I have always struggled with disciplining myself, so I usually do not keep up stories for very long... I know, bad habit. But, regardless, it does not mean that my affection for such stories have diminished. It simply means that I caught sight of a new tale, and being less explored than the first— well, I am quite assured that you know the rest of that tale.

Forget not Menelmacar and his Belt of Doom! Ná Elbereth veria le, ná elenath dín síla erin rád o chuil lín. I have heard the Solosimpi, and here I walk unhindered!

~ Elemmírë Star-Sheen, Star of Awakening

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Stories by Elemmire
I Yanta Imbe by Elemmire [8 Reviews]
Burdens cannot be borne alone. A series of poems of different places of grievous sufferings, some pointing to death for friendship, some to life in friendship.
Category: Third Age - Pre LOTR | Series: Series Characters: Aragorn, Legolas | Genres: Angst | Language: English | Rating: T | Warnings: None | Chapters: 2 | Published: 08/22/06 | Updated: 12/07/06 | Words: 4979 | Completed: No | Read: 7362

What King is This? by Elemmire [5 Reviews]

Pelennor Fields, after the come of the Rohirrim's sweep into the battle. Through the eyes of a horseman after his horse was slain. Focusing on the main, male royalty that fought and died on the Pelennor.

For Teitho's "O.C." challenge

Category: Third Age - War of the Ring | Series: Series Characters: Aragorn, Eomer, Gimli, Legolas, Original Character | Genres: Drama | Language: English | Rating: T | Warnings: None | Chapters: 1 | Published: 11/17/06 | Updated: 11/17/06 | Words: 5136 | Completed: Yes | Read: 4217

Afore I had Beheld by Elemmire [12 Reviews]
Very colourful I hope. Yes, we all know of Aragorn and Arwen's meeting in Imladris, but have you ever given thought to Estel and Arwen meeting, not knowing the other and unable to see each other? This is a little piece on that. It had been a one shot, but evolved into a larger story. Cheers and mushrooms!

Category: Third Age - Pre LOTR | Series: Series Characters: Aragorn, Arwen, Celeborn, Elladan, Elrohir, Elrond, Galadriel | Genres: Drama | Language: English | Rating: K | Warnings: AU | Chapters: 2 | Published: 08/14/06 | Updated: 08/29/06 | Words: 9364 | Completed: No | Read: 5824