jess12/13/08 02:05 am6: ConversationsAnonymous
you made me cry :(

Author's Response:

Thank you for your reviews of the "Buried" series. I'm glad you enjoyed them, even if there were a few tears along the way.


Elemmire11/30/06 11:42 pm6: ConversationsSigned

This chapter is hilarious! And so harrowing! A wonderful, beautiful, marvelous ending! How can I be so thrilled over an ending to such a perfect story?! That this series could never end! But such an end! The way Legolas responds (so favourably for people loving both Estel and the Elf through the whole 'trip home') is so sadly sweet, so touchingly deep in such simple array! Estel's heroic "uncomfortability" is ingenius- that you were wise enough to return him to prankster extraordinaire attitude is great! Poor Legolas, what must he suffer through when he is strengthened? The ending is so humourous! The Tickle of Doom? You have to write a story on the creation of that! *hehe* - "Well, first he said something about my ancestry that I do not think could possibly be true and certainly did not reflect well upon you, Ada! Then he suggested that I engage in activities that I am *sure* elves do not normally participate in, and are physically impossible besides!" - I was trying to stop laughing, but failing horribly! And Legolas' return to that! O, the tears of mirth in my eyes! I cannot appraise it enough! Ai! The first time I read this, I was so upset that I couldn't tell you how awesome it was! It is a dream to do so now! This is my absolute favourite story *ever*. Book or fanfic, it is the best!
   I laughed like crazy at your A/N. No, of course you wouldn't make Legolas have a limp! You may be the best at Angst, but you are no boor! (Yes, writing is weird. The characters, even 'yet uninvented' ones, are in charge by all accounts! They do know how to "niggle"!)

Elemmírë Star-Sheen

Elemmire11/30/06 09:38 pm5: FoundSigned

*weep* O, man, that line always gets me. "Forgive me..... forgive me." That's when I started crying. That is a big thing for me- I never cry. My tears are the biggest compliment of any author! Even Tolkien was scarce come to them! The scene between Elrond and Estel is so touching, and hilarous! "I am. Is it working?" Oi, love it! It is delicious! A treat for all who are blessed enough to read it! Chilling, angsty, but heart-warming and delightful. Chilling is the proper word. Thoroughly, wholly, torturingly, perfectly. Critique: using *these*, distracts from the flow. Can't say why, but that's how it is for me. Could be just me. But the whole... ! It is beautiful!

Elemmire Star-Sheen

Elemmire11/30/06 08:20 pm4: Heat, Hammer, QuenchSigned

Exciting! Thrilling to an extreme! It breaks my heart! I love this point, so close to hurting my very being, and making it stronger! A wild pace you set, of which you broke, but some how did not slow, with the river incident. No wonder Erestor is not bound! I love, love, love this part! It is so sad, so heart-breaking, that I adore it! Legolas is in a sorry predicament... and Estel no less so! The end was so touching- Estel tasting Legolas' tear... *sob*! A pensive tale, so cleverly woven and laid so plainly! It is despairing, and still lovely beyond word's scope. Heaven on earth! I am beyond jealous! I'm ecstatic and fervid! Your vocabulary is tastful and large, but not overly used. "...purblind maypole!" And used humourously at times! It is a painting, that sparks love and adoration, yet ever time it is admired, it shreds the heart and burns the soul with a languishing, forlorn fire! That I could write like you... I am in awe, and in pain for your characters! (Is it just me, or have I said this kind of thing before?)

Elemmire Star-Sheen 


Elemmire11/29/06 08:46 pm3: "I Will Not Go to Imladris"Signed

(My 100th review!!!) With much pleasure on my part, I have returned to finish this story once more! This chapter mounts the tension, not a filler chapter, but as potent and thrilling as the last, setting the stage for the final scenes! You have a brillant amount of astuteness in your stories! I had choosen some of my favourite lines... but I don't think you want your whole story in here! Joyfully I read this endowment, though an ever growing lump is in my throat- that it is a pleasure to read, and yet a burden of pain is amazing! It is truly my favourite story of all of yours! ... Of all of fanfiction! Even my own! "You cannot leave me, gwador nin. I need you to help me be the son of Arathorn. I heard Mithrandir and Ada speaking when they did not know I could hear. They said you are star-bound with me. You cannot go. I need you to stand by me, be my sword brother, my guide to the ways of people and places I have never seen. Twice in the last few months I asked if you loved me. Twice you proved your love. Now I will prove mine. I will not let you go. If you go despite my efforts, I will take ship like my famous ancestor and demand the Valar return you to us." The boy broke down into soft sobs that he had held back all the while since he had found the stricken elf. He whispered into the back of his friend's head, over and over, "Do not leave me…" until exhaustion finally brought sleep.  So bittersweet! He is so pitiable, and so young! It is so wondrous, awe-inspiring and colourful... so tender,  and touching! Every line has some new insight that is so stirring- ai! I am so glad that the chapter title turned to vain, in the end Legolas giving up and agreeing to go (even though I know how it turns out). I loved everything in here to death, for how miraculous, hair-raising, staggering, astounding, overwhelming and heavenly it is- God bless you! And thank you a hundred thousand times over for your comment on "What King is This?" Such a review from one so precocious as you!

Elemmire Star-Sheen

Forget not Menelmacar

Eleiel11/28/06 02:23 am5: FoundAnonymous

sorry, I just had to comment. It is a brilliant peice of work and just the right end to the "Burried"seiries.

At present I am listening to the sound track to Baveheart, and tegether they are heart breaking.  Especial Murron's Burrial and Sons of Scotland. the emotion in both your story and the music flow with grace and love that they sort of comleat eachother. Even though your story can stand own, I like it with the audio.

Elemmire09/25/06 11:13 pm2: DecisionsSigned

(The thoughts on fading were fabulous! It but proves you care how the story comes out!) I could not hold my silence any longer. It was an honourable pause, none the less. You must excuse me.
   Legolas is right, and still wrong. I understand his struggle- you make a good case of it. Estel- my braveheart, my child! - is so stubborn, and I am glad of it. How can Legolas even think of fading now that Estel has come, though? ... I think I shall sign all of my reviews in honour of this story, putting by my name "I am so sorry that I am not an Elf who will just sit here like a beautiful, sad, drooping lily and watch you die!" or "How utterly, utterly lovely you looked" because those were the lines that stuck in my mind after reading this- they stayed for months, never leaving, always plaguing me to my utter, utter joy. I am holding back a flood of compliments that wishes to surge forth, telling you how much this story, this chapter, means to me. I... I... I am speechless.
   Inside I weep. This is the deep breath before the plunge, and the plunge is great, a vast wall of churning black water far below the small ledge of sorrow you force me onto. Yet I cannot wait. It twists my thoughts in excitement and makes sallow everything about me. My heart is faint...

Aia! I beleg od iaur garbalan admin Enedh-amar! Alae! Pentangle i Resplendent! 

Elemmire Star-Sheen

P.S. I told you I would give it to you in Elvish! There it is! "Hail! The mighty of old hold-power in-again Middle-earth! Behold! Pentangle the Resplendent!" It is my heart-song!

Elemmire09/12/06 02:25 pm1: Knife WorkSigned

O... ouch. No matter how many times I read that... ouch. Ok. Take a deep breath, my poor, beloved Pentangle. This is my favourite of all time fic ever. It also sent me into a state of sickness at points- I shall address that later (have no fear, just a knotted, queasy stomach) for as of yet I'm fine. Exciting! A fine opening to a story. I really wish you could use darn instead of d**n,  because I wince and groan everytime I see it, and it distracts from the flow and does not allow me to hand this over to my younger siblings for fear of their innocence. That is all I will say on that for the whole of this. I only wish for you to know you have a fire that burns stronger and truer without than ever could be with. Grace be with you. "But I say to you that for every idle word men may speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgement. - Matthew 12:36"
   Moving on, I must praise you yet again. For what flaw can I say? Everything is beautiful, and cold fingers slide about my throat, constricting it in remembrance of what you do to my darling boys! A chill, cold and hard, traced my neck for my mind lowered the shield to look upon what the Peredhils and advisors would of wished to hide. One word: forlorn. Cold, harsh, bitter, and wondrously good! I feel like this is getting old. You are a master of words, and the Lady of writing! Do not tell me I am to kind- for my reply will be this "If you have walked all these days with closed ears and mind asleep, wake up now! -- Gandalf, book 5, chapter 1-Minas Tirith" For you are amazing, and what is grace if this gift of yours is not? You have the sweet-tounge of an Elf, and the wisedom of a Vala, and all the while adorn yourself with a simplicity of a hobbit's joyful eye. But when you drew nigh to angst, you have a mightier voice by black and white than the voice of Maglor in song. And this is only the first chapter. "As of a few hours ago he had ceased to be a warrior of Mirkwood." It is entertaningly algid! Yet, by the love I have for this, I will wait in respectful silence for you to grace me with your response. And, if you wonder, I am not really English or whatever. I just like adding "u" to favorite and color, and honor, for it seems more Elven, or whatever. So don't be surprised when I don't use it.

 Hail! The mighty of old reign in Middle-earth again! Behold! Pentangle the Resplendent! (I like that... next I'm gonna kick it out in Elvish!)

Elemmire Star-Sheen, Star of Awakening
Forget not Menelmacar and his belt of doom

artania from fanfiction.net03/12/06 01:57 pm6: ConversationsAnonymous
*Chants repeatedly* HURRY  UP hurry up

hurry uphurry up

hurry uphurry uphurry up


rating:∞ goodness

hurry up

hurry up

Author's Response:

    Thanks Artania!  You can read all the story right here at


Tashamiel01/22/06 06:04 pm6: ConversationsAnonymous
oh brilliant!! i just LOVED IT!! I have been waiting for this to finish for ages on but when i found you on this site i decided to finish the story.  the last chapter namely.  OH it was soooooo good. i especially like the last chapter of your first story in the series. oh poor poor legolas.  And of course i loved the 2nd as well.  Well them all really.. Well must.. read.. more..! lol



Author's Response:

Thank you, Tashamiel!

I'm glad you found the rest of the story. I always post here first since this was my first fic 'home' and so the members here get to see the stories first. Thank you again for reading and for taking the time to review - especially such a lovely one!


Ocne01/04/06 08:05 pm6: ConversationsAnonymous
And so the story is finished *sigh* Your Estel is more forgiving than I could have imagined, but that means he is more mature too. That, of course, is always a good thing. All is well at the end, but Elrond still doesn't know that Estel knows his real name... And yes, I am shamelessly asking for another story :-) Well, I'm off, before I start rambling.

Thanks for sharing, Pentangle.

Author's Response:

Thanks so much for your faithful reviews! Estel is more forgiving than I would be, too, but then I'm not destined to be one of the mighty kings of men! :-)

 And I am shamelessly posting another story!



Michelle01/02/06 03:14 am1: Knife WorkSigned

*applauds enthusiastically* I saw the last chapter being posted today and went to read the story right away. I liked your idea of Estel's journey homewards as his way towards adulthood - which is rather painful at times, but in the end rewarding. Beautifully done! You set the theme in Chapter 1 by having Estel pondering his place in the grand (and small, familial) scheme of things: Estel realized he needed to discover why being Estel was laudable, not a handicap. And he succeeded, as he always does:)

Chapter 2: I am not going to sing laments and write poetry to your fame and to tell the world how utterly, utterly, lovely you looked when you died! LOL, maybe you wrote that particular paragraph just for me without knowing it. I read a whole book on the beauty of death for my thesis:) I guess elves are still stuck in the 18th century when people went totally crazy over things like this!

Chapter 3: The scene were Estel cries himself to sleep next to Legolas was heartbreaking. Throughout the whole story he constantly struggles with his responsibility. It is hard indeed to be the one to decide when lives depend on it. He does it, because Legolas refuses to do so, but the scene corresponds with the later chapter where he desperately needs to revert back to being a child in his father's arms. He has done the impossible, he has proven himself, but he's not yet ready to part with childhood forever.

Chapter 4: But I am sorry, Estel, but no elf can truly care for a man. I think Estel needed to hear that to know without a doubt that it's a lie. Those fears also stemmed from the fact that he felt inadequate as a human amongst elves. I think that problem should be solved after saving Legolas' life:)

Chapter 5: Proves endurance way past the humanly possible in times of dire need!

Chapter 6: If you were an elf I would be dead. I like the dynamic that creates between the two. I always find the latent xenophobia in LOTR fic slightly puzzling since overcoming racial/cultural differences is what lets the Fellowship succeed in the end. Instead of letting Legolas assure Estel that he likes him even though he is a human (as it is handled most of the times), you have him turn the argument around. Fabulous! Though, I think that's not the only thing that saved Legolas. The other was Estel's youth. Of course he fears a loved one dying, but I guess at such an age he doesn't fully understand the fact that letting go is sometimes inevitable. In the end, Aragorn will do something similar to fading, when he decides the times of his death has come (gift of men, yada yada).  

Author's Response:

Michelle, that's quite a review! It means so much to me since you were my first contact when I started writing and have been so very encouraging (as you are to everyone; you're our cheerleader and it means a lot).

thank you so much. 

Ocne12/23/05 06:27 am4: Heat, Hammer, QuenchAnonymous
You updated! *Doing a happy dance* I loved this chapter - the interaction between Legolas and Estel, the dialog, the angst - loved it all.

So Estel made it up the cliff. The way you described it makes me think of a climb to... the adulthood. It has the fire (the emotions, the blood), the tears, the sweat and the pain. Estel is young, but since he learned about his real name, maybe it is time.

I understand that Legolas is having a bad time. Of course he does. His life has been centered on being a warrior and a protector. And now that he thinks his main purpose has been taken away, he's lost. But when he gets better, I doubt that Estel will be as open with his emotions as he has been. Will we have something similar, but reversed, to Choosing, or will Legolas learn the meaning of hope? I know, I'll have to wait and see. Well, I'm in no hurry. I love the way the story progresses just fine. And speaking of Choosing, where is Sadoreth now? Will the twins find the horse or will it be Elrond...

"I do now as you once did in my poppy-wrought delusions. But the other-you desired my heart's breaking and I but witness yours. Your tears belie you, Legolas. I will not ever believe those lies again." Oh, nice closing to the first part of the series!

Happy Holidays!

Author's Response:

Another delightful review! You are spoiling me!

You see very well what is going on here.  The cliff is definitely a metaphor, a rather trite one, but the best I can do. This story is more about what Estel learns than what Legolas discovers, but the elf will have to face some unpleasant truths before the end.

And thanks for the reference to the first part; I did think Estel had to put that behind him for once and for all.

Have a wonderful Holiday! 

Ocne12/19/05 11:40 pm3: "I Will Not Go to Imladris"Anonymous
"If you help me reposition you, you will be able to strangle me."

The elf's head was now at the boy's rump. "A pleasing thought. Also, I find that I do not want to fade upside down, looking at your backside. Here, see if you can grab my hand if I stretch this way…"

*Snorts* I love your humour! Having none myself (least of all in my writings), I really enjoy reading people who do, and know how and when use it.

Ah, so the story gets darker. I see what you meant about Estel's angst. The boy's emotions were credible, not overdone. You seem to know well adolescents and their reactions. As for Legolas, he heard the boy cry in the night and made no sign? Do all elves become so selfish while fading? :-) Well, hope Elrond can help him. Can't have the elf hoping on crutches behind the Fellowship now, can we?

Update soon!

Author's Response:

Thank you for a very nice Holiday present! Two reveiws on the same day!


Legolas (really my favorite of the two, so why am I making him so, well, not very likeable?) is having a  tough time. He's a warrior born and bred; in Mirkwood there is no place for a poet king or a scholar king. So his very identity is threatened, which Estel can sense, if not fully at his age. I see Legolas as feeling very guilty at this point and one way to deal with that is not deal with it! So that's why he ignores the tears and so forth. He will get his comeupance, I promise, but not yet.

 I do like to put a little humor even in an angstfest. For one thing, life is like that - some humor, some angst. For another, I find I cannot write unremitting drama without making myself depressed!

Thank you for your in-depth and thoughtful comments - I look forward to your reviews very much! 

Ocne12/19/05 11:14 pm2: DecisionsAnonymous
Oh, I didn't realize Legolas' injury was that bad. My medical knowledge is *cough* somewhat limited.

"He so often seems a miracle worker that it is easy for us to forget that…some things are beyond his power…though he himself can never forget, for the graveyard in Imladris reminds him always." Loved those lines!

Entire paragraph starting with Estel's "So now we are back to the elf/human divide. (...)" was great. I felt the boy's anger and frustration.

The humour is quite refreshing, but when the drama starts in earnest, it will hit the reader all the harder. And well you know it :-)

Well done, Pentangle, well done.

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