marethiel12/28/12 05:24 pm1: No Greater ComfortAnonymous

Do you know, I don't think I'd ever read this one before, and I thought I'd devoured all of your incredible, wonderful stories  years ago!  What a delight to discover a new 'find'... Happy Mettare to me!

Bilfen is a wonderful character, and the premise surrounding Kenevir a good one, as well.  Sigh!  Always a joy to read your work, m'dear!  My only criticism... it ain't long enough! :-)


Author's Response:

Alas, I was bound by the rules of Teitho, or I'm sure it would have been longer! *g* I'm very glad you enjoyed it! Would that I had more time for writing these days, but I'm plugging away at the current WIP.  Thanks for reading and leaving me such a nice review!

LisaG04/17/10 04:33 am1: No Greater ComfortAnonymous

Mmmm, the food sounds marvelous and the inn seems like such a comfy, warm oasis in the middle of that nasty storm. Aragorn certainly needed this respite!

Author's Response:

Thank you, LisaG!  I have to admit, I got a little hungry myself, writing about that food! :)

lindahoyland01/24/09 03:36 am1: No Greater ComfortSigned
I enjoyed this when I first read it.It is nice to see the poor Ranger enjoy some respite from the elements!

Author's Response: Thank you, Linda!  I wrote this after having to slog through some sleet and thought how awful it would have been for the Rangers, out in the elements like that.  So I had to give Aragorn a warm cozy destination. :)    I'm glad you enjoyed this and thank you for the lovely review!

Silivren Tinu01/12/09 09:21 pm1: No Greater ComfortSigned
Now I'm *really* sad that Bilfen Broadbow is no more. *sigh* I love that cheerful, round innkeeper with the keen gaze and mind. What an interesting contrast to good old Butterbur. ;-) I bet Gandalf would never have had any reason to roast Bilfen. *g* Btw, I loved Gandalf's letter - the idea of him looking out for Aragorn in that way is just so very comforting. Bilfen's inn sounds like a wonderful, cosy place to be in in a cold, rainy night. A wonderful story, Caristiona! :)

Author's Response: Thank you!  I'm glad you took the time to look up this older story... and yes, it does make it rather awful what happens in At Hope's Edge, doesn't it?  And I did want to create a counterpoint to Butterbur, who I feel does innkeepers a bit of a disservice. LOL  And Aragorn needed a place on the east side of the Ranger's territory to rest now and then, aside from Rivendell.  Hence, The Hunter's Horn.  Glad you liked this little story, and thanks again for the review!

Elemmire04/25/08 11:43 pm1: No Greater ComfortSigned

Ai, this was perfectly fantastic. A nice re-entry into searching for new authors to read with my favoured characters! I'm quite at a loss to tell you how I enjoyed this. You blended the past with the present and with the furture beautifully; a glimpse through the life of our favourite Ranger in a realistic style. Your vocabulary impressed me greatly too. Either you have a good thesaurus or I'll have to start reading the dictionary again in my free time.

~Elemmire Star-Sheen 

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Elmmire Star-Sheen (what a pretty name)!   I'm glad you enjoyed the story and particularly glad you liked the style with which I write--I can't write like Tolkien, couldn't even attempt it.  So I simply try to stay in the voice of the character, as much as I'm able.  As for the vocabulary, chalk it up to good teachers, a tendency toward being a word nut, and yes, a very good thesaurus. :)    Thanks again for the lovely review!

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