Darkover12/28/11 11:15 pm1: Horse and Rider.Signed

This was an interesting and amusing story. There were a few spelling errors: "fowl" when I assume "foal" was meant,  and "obviously" was misspelled. The story may actually have been a bit too amusing, as Aragorn could easily have died or been maimed for life. And as the trap was "rusty," I'm surprised he did not get tetanus or blood poisoning. The hallucinations (or telepathic conversations?) between Thorongil and Elrond were particularly well written, and Mouse was an inspired OC.

Author's Response:

Thanks for the review and for pointing out typos - I'll have to go through the story and erase them... *makes mental note*.

This is one of the three our four somewhat humorous stories I've written - I wouldn't consider myself a comedy writer, but the central theme of "Horse and Rider" was the horse and the discrepancy between the hero (Aragorn) and unwitting heroic action (Mouse). Insofar it's not as serious as my other angsty stories. I could argue that Aragorn is of Numenorean descent and probably has a much better constitution than we mere mortals. But I prefer to think that Aragorn was simply extremely lucky - that fits much better with this story anyway:)

Amarok11/19/07 08:50 pm1: Horse and Rider.Signed

This was fun to read! I like especially how charmingly unheroic both horse and at times Aragorn as well were :-). The dream scene with Elrond was a nice touch, too.

And after having ended up a few times in my live in not quite as dramatic situations, but certainly alone with a horse somewhere outside, and in need of help, I could emphazise a lot ;-)...

(Nonius..., never heard of them..., have to google that... oh, I see... grin, good choice...) 

Author's Response:

They're quite the pair, aren't they? Inventing Mouse was so much fun I re-used him in another story:)

And unlike Aragorn, I hope you had at least a mobile with you. Though, if push comes to shove, you never have reception! 

lindahoyland09/09/07 05:48 am1: Horse and Rider.Signed
I only just found this enjoyable story. I love Mouse, he is a close relative of my  Zachus, a real character. A great angsty story.

Author's Response: Well, I wanted a horse that was as far away from the usual ME-horses as possible. But I was pretty sure I wasn't far from reality with Mouse. I've known horses like him:) I'm glad you liked it!

Elemmire12/13/06 09:45 pm1: Horse and Rider.Signed

I voted for you*g*! I knew it was you... your style is very original, and also fun. Though I prefer third person over first, I still found Mouse and the story very cool! Gotta love it! The whole "I re-entered Minas Tirith flat on my back, not quite how I had imagined to make a good impression on the Steward." was great! And the Rivendell scene... that was good thinking on your part- Elrond was touching.

   "I imagined my brothers’ raised eyebrows at how the inconvenient end of the Dúnadan would look in Father’s thick tomes of history: Last Heir to the Throne of Gondor found dead with his leg in a wolf trap. Not very impressive." O, man, that was awesome! Very good, I laughed so hard! Fantastico! Congrats on 3rd place!

Elemmire Star-Sheen

Author's Response:

The first person was a necessity, because this story actually belongs to a collection of stories that are all in first person. It's a challenge, but also a good way to get into a character's head and I desperately needed to get in touch with my inner Aragorn!

It's not necessarily good for Teitho, but I liked that you could tell it was my story. It's hard to be consistent with your style in a foreign language!

And thanks for voting:) 

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