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Yesterday, swept away by the occasion and surprised and overjoyed, he had been happy to accept the High Office to which he had been appointed. That night, as Faramir lay awake, tossing and turning in the darkness, the doubts began to creep in. How could he ever fill his father’s shoes or Boromir’s? What if he proved a disappointment for King Elessar? He resolved to speak to his new Lord on the morrow and suggest he find a worthier man to serve in his place.
On that note, Faramir finally fell asleep.


Aragorn greeted Faramir with a kindly smile when the young Steward approached him the next morning.

“My lord, A greatly appreciate the honour you do me in retaining me as your Steward. I wish with all my heart to serve both you and Gondor, but I feel you would be disappointed in me. I respectfully suggest that you appoint my Uncle Imrahil in my stead,” said Faramir sombrely.

“And what makes you think that your Uncle would prove a better Steward than you?” Aragorn enquired.

“My Uncle has ruled Dol Amroth wisely and well for many a year,” said Faramir. “ My brother was born to rule and trained for his duties, not I! My father often said how glad he was that I was not the heir.”

“I do not share your father’s opinions of you. You have qualities that your brother did not.” Aragorn said firmly. He briefly grasped both of Faramir’s hands in his own. “Listen, to me, Faramir; when I recalled you from the Dark Vale, I saw into your heart. I perceived a man of great quality whom I need at my side, if we are to restore Gondor to her former glory. It is natural to feel misgivings, I have had many of my own.”

“You had doubts, my lord?” Faramir sounded surprised.

“A great many I fear,” Aragorn confessed ruefully. ”After your brother fell and the Fellowship was broken, I doubted my ability to lead at all, never mind become King! When Gandalf asked me to heal you, I very much doubted I could. Through healing you, I found faith in myself and my own strength was renewed. If doubts make a man unfit to rule, I would be the least worthy of high office! We would only have cause to fear, Faramir if we had no uncertainties, for then we would be blinded by our own arrogance. I do not know if I will be a good King, I can only try my utmost to be one.”

“And I will strive to be a good Steward,” Faramir said, his confidence renewed.” I can do neither more nor less.”

“That is all Gondor requires of us. I think then we should work together well for her good,” Aragorn smiled, clapping Faramir on the shoulder. ”Now, let us begin work!”

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