sushi11/26/06 07:22 pm1: DarknessAnonymous
i liked it

Author's Response:

Hi again! I'm glad you enjoyed this story as well! Thank you for reading and reviewing another one of my stories!

Tinu :)

lwarren07/25/06 02:54 am1: DarknessAnonymous

You paint the dark, foreboding, tomb-like picture of Moria quite eloquently, Silivren Tinu.  One can only imagine the demoralizing effect it would have on a Wood-elf, much less if the darkness was infested with the evil you described so chillingly.  Bless, Aragorn...he knows his elf well.  Talk and then song, what better way to ease Legolas' heart and then ease him into the rest he so desperately needs.  Once again, the strength of this friendship is shown with such power!  *bows to the author*  Thank you for sharing!


Author's Response:

Hi again! :) I have always been fascinated by Moria since reading the book for the first time. I think the journey through the dark must have been difficult for all of them, but especially Legolas - a wood-elf must feel completely out of place there, so cut off from everything that is dear to him. Yes, Aragorn had just the right ideas to help his friend, didn't he? ;-) They really know each other very well. I'm glad you enjoyed another one of my stories! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! :)


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