Tanis08/17/11 12:15 am1: Larger Than LifeSigned
Ohhhhhhhhhhh --- nope, I can tell already this isn't going to work ----- but I'll try anyway.

I got goosebumps reading this story! What a way to grow up, with the adults in your life closing down every time a question is asked. But I loved Estel's imaganation in this and thought at the end, his father was likely all of those things and more - except for maybe a dragon slayer.

A great piece, searingly poignant in just a few worods!

Author's Response:

What a relief when it's finally working. Yay!

I could never quite imagine how Aragorn might have grown up with all these questions that his mother and/or Elrond could not answer. It must have been so confusing and frustrating. Tolkien spares something like 2 sentences for this, but I always thought in reality it must have been very complicated.

Elemmírë08/23/06 09:03 pm1: Larger Than LifeAnonymous

Ok, I can see what you speak of. And for that, I'll give you a better mark. It may have gone better if you had made clearer why it was so short. I have no clue what the contest or whatever was, so I was in the dark. I suppose using Hope to much does get very tiresome for some people. Me? If used correctly, not at all. But aye, you did well for your limitations. Sorry about the previous review.


Elemmire08/21/06 09:46 pm1: Larger Than LifeAnonymous

I would of liked this to be longer. The idea is cute, but to short to really do much good. It's like a really long summary. I liked the end, "And he sat down, his new treasure strewn about him, pouring over a riddle he could never hope to solve." In fact, just now as I write this, I think you could of pulled out his name (Hope) and show that even his title didn't count for all of his life. Just a thought, don't flame the reviewer! It wasn't bad, just could of been better.



Author's Response:

That was a ficlet written for the "Middle Earth Express" - a weekly challenge with a 500 word limit. Therefore, it can't be any longer and I rather like throwing ideas at readers and let them do with it what they want. As for the Estel-issue. I think it would have diluted what this story was about. This was about Arathorn's identity, not Aragorn's. To let Aragorn angst about his name can get old very quickly. I'm doing that in another story... don't want to use up my good karma:)

Thank you for reading! 

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