Anonymous02/12/08 02:03 am48: 48. And into the fireAnonymous

hey, i really enjoyed your story, it was suspensful, descriptive and umm... interesting. the sayings at the beginning of each chapter were nice to read. i was wondering though, do you speak elvish because you often use elvish words...? if you do know elvish, how did you learn because i've always wanted to learn how to speak elvish....


Author's Response: Thanks, I am glad you like the story. And no, alas, I speak no elvish. I have some dictionaries and pick words and sentences from internet dictionaries. ;)

Michelle05/18/07 09:58 pm49: 49. Where do we go from here?Signed

Ah, you ended the story with a quote from "Once More With Feeling" - if that isn't a fitting end:)

I'm sure glad to have waiting for this story to be posted in its entirety. I'm convinced I wouldn't have been able endure all the evil cliffies and twists you came up with! 

I liked the idea of the poison - especially what you made with it. To me, it feels like one long allegory for a fatal illness and a lot of it rang true. And it's more than believable that set date for his death would even bring Aragorn to his knees and force him to take drastic measures. It is one thing to go down in a fight (and we can assume that Aragorn is well prepared to like like this), but to be forced to wait for your own death - that's torture and something he absolutely has no experience with. For me, that was the heart of the story.

Even though, have I told you that I love your Gandalf? In my opinion, he's so difficult to write. You can to keep the balance between mischievous!Gandalf and seriouswizard!Gandalf. Not an easy thing to do. But he seemed so effortless to me and that balance never tilted to either side. There was always a spark in the corner of his eye, but at the same time he could go and brew some concoction. Amazing! 

Author's Response:

Ja, irgendwie dachte ich diese Strophe aus Once more with feeling ist doch irgendwie passend. Nachdem man all das durchgemacht hat, was Aragorn und all die anderen in dieser story durchgemacht haben, ist mit der Heilung noch langenicht alles vorbei. Die emotionales Wunden brauchen viel länger um zu heilen. Und ausserdem, nach einem solchen Erlebnis, ist man wohl nie wieder die Person, die man davor war....Und ausserdem mag ich den song. *g*

 Ja, war bestimmt besser. *g* Zwischendurch war ich wirklich nicht mehr sicher, ob ich die story überhaupt jemals beenden würde. Pflichtgefühl und Schreibblockade gehen halt nicht gut zusammen. Und naja, ich habe da ja auch so einen kleinen, unscheinbaren wirklich minimales *evil streak* der cliffies beschert.

Ich denke die Tatsache, dass ich das Konzept der story geplant habe, als ich gerade eine Studie über Sterbehilfe geführt habe, hat die story sehr stark beeinflusst. Ich habe viele KOmmentare bekommen, dass Aragorn so etwas nie tun würde. Aber, er ist in der story noch sehr jung, und ich denke, wenn man dann mit dieser Entscheidung konfrontiert wird, könnte man sich schon so entscheiden. Gut nur, dass am Ende doch noch alles gut wurde. Sonst hätten die Leser bestimmt einen Balrog oder so hinter mir hergeschickt. *g*

Oh, goodness, Gandalf ist einer der am schwierigsten zu fassenden Charaktere überhaupt! Ich meine, sogar Gollum ist einfacher zu durchschauen und zu schreiben als Gandalf (davon abgesehen, dass ich denke dass Gollum viel zu wenig Aufmerksamkeit geschenkt wird, denn er ist wirklich eine sehr, sehr tragische Figur). Danke! Ich war  mir erst nicht sicher, ob ich Gandalf in der story aufnehme, aber am Ende bin ich froh, es doch getan zu haben. Der wizard war vor allem ein Gegenpol zu Elrond und auch gut für comic relief (immerhin stand Gimli nicht zur Verfügung *g*)

Danke für die tollen reviews, ich bin froh, dass Dir die story gefallen hat!

Michelle05/17/07 09:00 pm44: 44. To Read or not to ReadSigned
LOL, I think Halbarad's speech to the twins would go well as a companion piece to "A Ranger's Love" *muses*.

Michelle05/17/07 08:09 pm42: 42. Down, down, down into the darkness of the graveSigned
I knew this would come sooner or later and I like that you went that way. Various people in the story have mentioned that those poisoned more often than not died of their own volition, yet no one ever commented on this possibility - certainly not the elves to whom a concept like suicide must be quite alien. Though, I deem Aragorn has been mulling this idea over for some time now. And it's understandable that he would prefer to choose the hour of his death instead of waiting for the poison to act. The outcome will be the same - he dies -, but in the first possibility he is active, taking charge whereas in the second he is passive. Not something he likes.

Michelle05/16/07 11:11 pm41: 42. Elrond's DiscoverySigned

Was that a déjà vu? Elrond of all people should know that that's only a glitch in the Matrix:) But atfer this sad and sombre (bittersweet, too) chapter you have me all excited now while I'm too tired to read on. Grrr. But, tomorrow is another day and I'll be back.

I'm constantly surprised that Aragorn would think so little of himself. He literally says that the Dunedain can do without him. I guess he's too young yet to fully accept the role he has to play. He's not ready to see himself as someone "special" in the great scheme of things, whereas Halbarad - together with the rest of the rangers - are more than willing to place their hope in him. Because you can't do with someone to whom you can look up to. 

Author's Response:

Well, Elrond should really know better.*wink* And yes, Aragorn thinks too little of himself here, but that only makes the angst more nicer here, I think. And, he is only, what 23? in this story (I actually cannot remember, but young). He has to learn a lot yet. And maybe it is easier to look up to somebody, than to accept that one can be this person oneself.

In the books, Aragorn is at first very happy about his ancestors and the fact that he is the hier of Isildur. Only later, when he realizes what this actually means, does he become more guarded and....grown. Imagine what could have happened had he been some *Aragorn the macho-leader-I-am-Isidulrs-heir-future-king-of-gondor* type of guy. *shudder* Arda would have lain in ruins long before he War Ring. *g* *gets crazy image from Aragorn standing at the front of the black ships, spreadings his arms and calling *I am the King of the World*...

Need sleep...gotta go now....*g*

Michelle05/14/07 09:20 pm36: 37. Bittersweet SymphonySigned

I knew it. I simply knew that you would be so cruel and give them not enough of the antidote. It's a classic lose-lose situation. The twins won't be able to live with themselves now - and even if Aragorn seems to have taken into account what would happen to Elrond should the Els die, he didn't think of how the twins would feel being responsible for his death. As always, he is thinking to little of himself.

Still, the feeling of fruitless wait, the surreal feeling that even if a solution presents itself you are simply sure that something else will go wrong - that was very realistic. Have felt all of that in my life and didn't like it one bit. 

Author's Response:

Mhwuhahahahahahaha. I am not called evil for nothing. *g*

Michelle05/13/07 09:26 pm33: 33. Nobody said it was easySigned

I like how you pictured the sombre mood in Rivendell - that felt very palpable to me, like the quiet before the storm. And of course I'm more than happy that Halbarad arrived. He's always a good addition, even if he's mortally afraid of that talks he's going to have with Aragorn. I don't want to be in his shoes, I tell you!

And now, where is Gandalf? At the moment, he knows much more than the rest of them. But that isn't of much use with him being there and them being here *is frustrated*. 

Michelle05/13/07 01:04 am30: 30. Over the edgeSigned

Yes! Thank you! Well, maybe I couldn't expect Dagnir to believe Aragorn's claim (for long), but at least Aragorn revealed to him who he was and scared him half to death. It was extremely pleasing to read that:) And seeing that he met his end like he did three years ago I hope someone will climb down there and make sure he's really really dead. Someone has to get the ring, so he can kill to flies with one stone.

And Aragorn should know to NEVER GO NEAR A CLIFF. We all know the don't bring him luck! 

Author's Response: LoL! Ja, Aragorn sollte wirklich, wirklich nicht zu nahe an irgendwelche Klippen gehen, aber diesmal war es ja nicht seine Schuld. Und...naja....irgendwie macht es Spaß ihn...naja...immer mal wieder runterfallen zu lassen. *g*

Michelle05/12/07 11:29 pm27: 27. Silence is goldenSigned
Oh, this is getting worse and worse! Now Dagnir is not only as crazy as they come, but he also has quite a twisted opinion of Gondor's royal line. Oh heck, this won't end good. But I'm pretty sure now that he will find out who he poisoned before someone kills him (hopefully very slowly and painfully) and I'm looking forward to seeing the look on his face!

Michelle05/05/07 12:26 am24: 24. Revenge is best served ice coldSigned

Oh, evil! And since we're only halfway through I fear it will only get much worse - for everyone involved - before it gets better. And do I even want to know about that Morgwath fellow? What's his scheming all about?

Though, I must say, Elrond - I expected more from you. Simply giving up like that. Show a little Sherlock-Holmsian traits. If they have been poisoned, they poison must have come from *somewhere*. Certainly not from Galadriel. So, if you find the one who *made* the poison you will find the antidote as well. Grrr.

And I don't think that you should feel insulted at all! If you read a lot in a fandom, you pick up stuff and it influences how you write. I know all about referencing stuff without realizing it;-) 

Michelle05/03/07 11:05 pm21: 21. The darkness of nightSigned

Oh, emotional is good in my book! You know, you really leave no good hair on Dagnir. For a whole chapter I hoped and prayed that someone would *just knock him out*, until Legolas took mercy on me. And then, when he awoke, I hoped someone would at least GAG him. Thankfully that happened as well.

And some very evil part of my heart just wants to do away with him altogether. He's bad news and more trouble than he's probably worth. They have Gandalf and Gandalf has connections - even if the twins know nothing about that at the moment.

And I wondered when the ring would come up again. Did I see a little nod to Nili in there? The part where Aragorn for a moment can't even remember that the ring was gone? 

Author's Response:

For the second time today I have been named in the same sentence as Nili. Should I feel flattered or insulted (because of thievery)?...I decide for ....happy. *g* No, that was no reference to her stories. Although, I think I read here stories more often than anyone else's stories. I *love* her stories. Just now I am reading A Sea of torubles, and although I tend to skip her *bad guys* chapters, I loooove her stories. *g*

Well, yes, the Grey Wizard should count for something, right? *eg*

Michelle04/30/07 10:13 pm16: 16. The Nightmare continuesSigned

Oh, no! I was just hoping that Dagnir would not set his mind on finding out who that ranger actually is. And then he takes the ring. And he even recognizes it - nothing good can come of it *wrings hands*.

But maybe he will leave Aragorn to his fate now? Which, of course, would give Legolas and the twins a chance to finally get off their butts and help the poor man. Though, if I look at the chapter still ahead, I fear it won't nearly be as easy as that.

You torture me! 

Author's Response:

Mwuhahahha, leave the rangers alone....*g* You know me, I like blood and angst. :)

I am sooo glad you like the story so far. THe next chapters get a bit more emotional, I fear. But, there is still lots of angst ahead. *g*

Michelle04/26/07 09:07 pm13: Hold on!Signed
Whatever is Dagnir waiting for. Come on, meet your favourite ranger *bites nails*!

Michelle04/25/07 09:15 pm11: Caught by the enemySigned

Have you just killed Estel's horse? I am not amused *sniff*. Poor thing was so brave...

I wonder if Dagnir realized that his little trap could easily kill Estel and subsequently ruin his elaborate plan. Even though, I get a definitie "Die Hard"-feeling from this and those movies always had very very crazy villains. No surprise there!

And to say that the plot thickens would be an understatement. I can't wait to see what happens when the gang finds out WHO's behind all this! 

Michelle04/24/07 09:29 pm9: PainSigned

Alright. At the moment it seems as if only Estel and twins are affected - the twins probably due to their mixed ancestry. As for Estel. Stupid ranger! A healer, even a very ill one, should be aware that's not at all a sign of the flu if you can't move a muscle *shakes stubborn ranger*. He will most probably find himself in big trouble if he goes further north, because not only is he playing right into Dagnir's hands, it will also take longer for help to arrive *sighs*.

And I'm looking forward to Gandalf. I always enjoy a good-written Gandalf and I haven't seen him around in fanfic for quite a while now. I more than trust you to make him entertaining:) 

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