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There are some very nice images throughout this chapter - let me see if I can find my favorite: "...the powerful silver trunks of the Mallorn trees rose up like the columns of a temple"; "...the voices of the trees, like a quiet, consoling whisper in his mind";"...wrapped in grief as in a dark cloak".  Those are only a few.  You touch on Legolas' grief, but it is his concern for Aragorn's state of mind that drives him to look for his friend.  The doubts and self-blame the Aragorn is experiencing are very well done, and sad.  If he could not protect and save a wizard, how could he think to do the same for a hobbit?  Yes, indeed.  The Fellowship had not only lost a friend and mentor, but a leader as well. This is very well written, Tinu!  Your first translation into English, too!  Wonderful!


Author's Response:

Thank you, I'm really glad you liked this story! It is perhaps still the story closest to my heart, and the first fanfic story I ever finished.

It is much easier for me to use images in German, the language I use for my English fics is usually more simple by necessity. ;-) I can's say that made the translation any easier, though. Where the quality of the translation is concerned I owe a lot to Alina (we had to work on one sentence for days until the meaning was right).

You know, Aragorn and Gandalf were so close in the books that I really missed a scene with Aragorn grieving for his friend (and feeling guilty for his death, of course) in the movies. Well, there wasn't much about this in the books, either. And it must have felt so strange and frightening for all of them to lose the strongest member of the Fellowship first.

Thank you very much for reading and reviewing! :)


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