EressŽa03/21/15 02:16 am32: EpilogueAnonymous

That was wonderful! The characterizations of the dwarves was especially delightful, and Daevin as well. Everything was done spectacularly well - the descriptions of Moria, the fight scenes, the history and lore - I loved the discovery of Aulë's hammer and the dwarves' reverence of it. And the end was just wonderful as well. I kept fearing in the back if my mind that you would kill your original character, as many writers seem to do, but I'm so glad you didn't. I knew he had to leave before Aragorn made his was to Mirkwood, tough, as I sense you have a respect for canon and wouldn't want this to be labeld "AU". Training with Halbarad to become a ranger was a perfect fate for him, though! 

I'm disappointed that this was your last piece of writing in Tolkien's universe, but it was a lovely way to go out, and I'm so grateful to have read it. Thank you!

Michelle07/29/06 02:22 am32: EpilogueSigned

*squee* I did it! Finally managed to tackle "Untrodden Path". I'm so glad you ended with Aragorn telling Daevan who he really is. I had hoped for that pretty much from chapter one onwards. I like Aragorn being secretive, but it's also fun to see secrets revealed!

The escape through Moria probably produced quite a few grey hairs on my head. The suspense was killing me! I'm not normally a dwarf-fan, but I loved all their bickering here.

Also, thanks for killing the two Dunlendings PAINFULLY. I feared for a moment Aragorn wouldn't get his star back. But I should know better. You're not one to not pick up lose ends.

I'm still sad that this is your last LOTR-related story. But there's other stuff to read from you *winks*. Thankfully! 

Laire11/15/05 12:09 am10: Orc Attack - Part Three -Anonymous
Heheh, sweetness! ... hey! Don't doubt my Aragorn's knowledge and power! *frowns* *grumbles* If only the people knew how awesome he was... XD

Ainu Laire10/21/05 03:16 am8: Orc Attack - Part One -Anonymous
'You can barely stand, so who do you think you are? The King himself?'

*headdesk* I love comments like these. Ahh, if this old guy is around WHEN he becomes king... I've always wondered how people Aragorn's met before would respond to his true heritage XD I do wish that old Bill Ferny lived long enough to see it... *cackles*

Excellent chapter. The people's responses seemed very realistic. I enjoyed it a lot.

Author's Response:

Hi Ainu Laire,

thanks for the many reviews you left on this story (an on Twilight on the other site; laughed heartily about them). I'm quite a lazy responder, but RL takes some hectic turns  at the moment, so, please, don't be offended if I don't respond in  a flash.

Comments, which play with the knowledge of the reader and the lack of it of the villagers are my favorites. It's a pity they can't be used more frequently. A gap filler like this story offers so many possibilities...

Take care of yourself,

- T.

Ainu Laire10/08/05 11:12 am7: Departure - Part Two -Anonymous
*sigh* I love how you characterize him. He's so strong, so stubborn, so determined... it's absolutelym fabulous. I love love love it.

Ainu Laire09/15/05 02:55 am5: A Stranger Named StriderAnonymous
Ooh man... figures that Aragorn would just want to leave... silly Ranger... *rolls eyes*

Ainu Laire09/04/05 12:25 pm4: Close to Comfort - Part Three -Anonymous

Silly thing does not alert me when this is updated... <_<

Anyways, awesome chapters. I do have a feeling that old man will recognize Aragorn right away as Thorongil... or think him a son of him or something. I do wonder what will happen next, yes... do continue soon! :)

Ainu Laire08/12/05 11:48 pm2: Close to Comfort - Part One -Signed
Wow! What a chapter! I do wonder where he has seen that face before, this grumpy, probably wise old man. I cannot wait for you to continue!

Imaginigma08/03/05 03:00 pm2: Close to Comfort - Part One -Anonymous
Wonderful, just wonderful.

I like the way you describe the scenes you imagine and the atmosphere and the charachters are so well done that I thought for a moment I would be in that hut with them.

I like the end too. Something to wait for eagerly. The next chapter, I mean. Can´t wait to read it.

Treebeard's Bird08/01/05 10:12 am1: Into the Dead MarshesAnonymous
What a wonderful start! I look forward to your 'gapfiller' and hope you post soon!

imaginigma07/23/05 12:34 pm1: Into the Dead MarshesSigned

i just read the chapter and it is great. Your description of Gollum was so good, I really saw him before me. And the atmosphere was as if I was in ME, wandering in the Dead Marshes. Just great. I look forward to the next part of the story.


Thorongirl07/22/05 04:47 pm1: Into the Dead MarshesSigned
I never expect anything less than brilliance from you, and as ever, you don't disappoint. "Your" Gollum is perfect, easy to picture and Aragorn, Tolkienesque in style. I love the maturity of your stories, although (as you already know) I'm ever on the lookout for major angst and things of that nature. Any pandering to my tastes is always appreciated!

Linda Hoyland07/21/05 11:18 pm1: Into the Dead MarshesAnonymous
This is a great story and it is an honour to beta it for you.Your sense of atmosphere makes me feel I an actually there with Gollum and Aragorn.

Ainu Laire07/21/05 10:12 pm1: Into the Dead MarshesAnonymous

WOW. Wow wow wow. Absolutely brilliant first chapter! I loved it a lot!

You really should post on the aragornangst list. You'd be a welcome addition. This is absolutely brilliant! I hope you continue soon.


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