Tashamiel04/10/06 12:41 pm3: Merry and PippinAnonymous
awww now my sympathies go to Pippin!! OH how horrible having to tell someone their father tried to burn them whilst alive!!

*shudders* oooooo

Author's Response: Many thanks for your much appreciated comments.Aragorn certainly has his work cut out !

Tashamiel04/10/06 12:35 pm2: QuestionsAnonymous
oooo deary me.  Not going according to plan now is it?? tutututut estel should of seen that one coming! lol

Tashamiel04/09/06 11:07 pm1: A Disturbing DiscoveryAnonymous
oooooooo poor faramir!  horrid past he must have.  Good thing Aragorn is here!



Em *cough* perhaps a tad off subject...

Niniel07/07/05 11:04 am1: A Disturbing DiscoveryAnonymous
Sweet, sweet Faramir, so eager to please, and almost mortified that he is not following etiicuette to the letter, when the only reason for his 'lapse' there is that he physically *can't* I love it, please write more!

Niniel07/07/05 11:02 am2: QuestionsAnonymous
Oh...! Poor, poor Faramir. To be asked such a painful question, though Aragorn didn't do it to be cruel. It must have caused Faramir quite an amount of distress, to having to not only expose the wounds, but also, as he percived it, shame himself by explaining them. beautiful chapter!

Niniel07/07/05 10:59 am3: Merry and PippinAnonymous
Hobbits are not usually my favorite characters, but still this was a lovely chapter. I love the small explaination that came about why the guards would be so afraid of their Lord. And the mention of Beregond and Aragorn's musings on that matter were very good as well. Keep it going.

Niniel07/07/05 10:56 am4: AnswersAnonymous
Oh, Faramir, why did you have to ask... and still so regal and correct while at the same time he must surely be ready to crumble inside. Very well done, subtly and tender. good!

Niniel07/07/05 10:54 am5: Hobbit ResolveAnonymous
Sweet, I like Aragorn's thoughts. Nice to see him like that.

Niniel07/07/05 10:53 am6: Tears and ComfortAnonymous
Awwwwww... My heart really went out to Faramir in this chapter, to cry so desolately, and with a good cause too, thining that it was his uncle who saw his distress, and then realize that it was his King, and to believe that he was dishonouring himself. So tender, so many feelings. Another chapter that I have fallen in love with.

Niniel07/07/05 10:50 am7: Aragorn Takes a BathAnonymous

How exactly is it that you manage to make me love all your characters, now I've completely fallen in love with Imrahil too... *sigh*

And Aragon's thoughts in the end of the chapter were very well done as well, they showed who he is; that he is strong and yet gentle and considerate. That he is a capable warrior, but has not forgotten his heart in the melee of battle. Very good.

Niniel07/07/05 10:46 am8: PreparationsAnonymous

awwww.... I love that ranger, ever so humble; he's wonderful and you did well with him.
Keep going!

Niniel07/07/05 10:45 am9: Oaths and FarewellsAnonymous

*sigh* oh poor Faramir. It was very touching, seeing him begging to be allowed to take his oath now, because he feared that the king would not return. That notion also made his oathtaking very profound and true, that he would want to be bound to the king, for what little time he might be allowed. Truely deeply beautiful.
More please...

Author's Response:

Thank you so much for all your very kind reviews of what was only my second LOTR story.I'm so pleased that you enjoyed it and your kind words made my day.

I love writing about Aragorn and Faramir as I like to imagine Aragorn being the loving father figure that poor Faramir never had.

Michelle06/03/05 01:18 am9: Oaths and FarewellsSigned
O wow, your writing is good! How you captured the strained emotion, sadness and weariness before the battle was very convincing. And Aragorn taking a bath *sniggers*. There should be more "Aragorn-takes-a-bath" fics out there - you can never have enough of those. The last chapter made me all teary. Pippin and Faramir swearing their oath to Aragorn. Very emotional!

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