Ellynn12/29/11 02:41 pm1: Chapter 1Signed

I've always imagined that Aragorn was the one to choose the name Thorongil for himself, but this version is also possible. It's a very nice story, and I especially like Ecthelion's dream. ;)

Author's Response:

Dear Ellynn: I'm glad you liked the story, and I very much appreciate your making the effort to review, especially as you told me what you liked about it. I'm especially pleased you liked Ecthelion's dream, as this story was originally written in response to the challenge "Dreams" at the Teitho site. As for the name Thorongil, as I recall, Tolkien didn't get too specific on the subject, he just said that was the name by which Aragorn was known when he served in Gondor. So it could easily be that he called himself that, or it could be that someone else gave the name to him. I chose to go for the latter, and make it part of this story. Thanks again for the feedback.

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