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There are more stories of you! *happily clap my hands* And what a great story it is! 

You are really skilled in describing the atmosphere and painting an image in the mind of the readers - at least in mine. (Again) I had the feeling as if I were in your story and I love it, if a text allows me not just to read it, but be in it. At first I was just in the Prancing Pony with Bowen, Son of Owen (ingenious name^^) and then it becomes even greater, when Aragorn arrives (as everything always become greater when he does...).

To get a describtion about him of the perspektiv of a "good man of Bree" was really interesting and you described Bowens impession very well. The settled people have always been a bit suspicious about the rangers and you got that, yet it wa a pleassure to read about a warm-hearted charakter like Bowen who helps the ranger. I generally liked Bowen, he is friendly, generous and likeable, but far away from perfect (which would make him boring) and whar I especially like about him is his contrast to Strider. I mean Strider as well is warm-hearted and generous and all that (sometimes he acts even a bit like Jesus), but he is quiet, proud and somehow mystic, while Bowen seems so talkaktive and outgoing.

The two are the perfect pair for a story! Oh, and is it bad, that I really liked the special goody that Aragorn is ill instead of just heroic and somehow superhuman? Anyways I did. And the last joke made my day!

A really good story full of warmth, which made me feel good. I can't wait for the next part... I don't have to, guess I am going to read it right now...yes I am :-)

Author's Response:

Aw, thank you again! I'm so glad you enjoyed this one. It's the first of a series of three stories about Bowen Rushlight and the Breelanders and how they interacted with the Rangers who guarded their borders. I've only published this and the 2nd one; the third, which takes place many years later during the Ring War, is a work-in-progress that I'll post when it's finally complete.  I've always been intrigued by the uneasy relationship Breelanders had with Rangers. On the one hand, they were scornful of the tall, dangerous folk, but on the other hand, Barliman Butterbur's inn had long been considered by them as a "resort". And Aragorn did count Butterbur as a friend. So there's all kinds of room for interesting character interactions with Aragorn and his men and the Breelanders.  And I do like showing the more "human" side to Aragorn, because he really does come across as nearly perfect in Tolkien's books, though there's plenty of little hints that he's not infallible. It's a challenge, giving him vulnerabilities without taking him OOC, but one I enjoy tackling!

Anyway, enough rambling from me! Thank you for letting me know your thoughts and your kind words!  I hope you enjoy the 2nd story... it's much longer! (And the 3rd will be longer still, whenever "real life" lets me get it finished.)

Michelle09/20/11 09:22 pm1: Chapter 1 - By Such A Foolish NameSigned

Oh, I love it! Though, I can't quite decide whether my favourite part is the beginning, where you set the mood, or the end with the talk between Strider and Bowen. So, I'd probably have to go with "love the whole thing - from the first word to the last".

The beginning is truly great, though. The atmosphere is very palpable - the wet weather, the group of people crowding the inn. And then of course there's Strider's entrance *sigh*. And it certainly feels like Bowen and Strider are going to strike up a friendship in the near future, so I'm very happy to see that you've written a sequel! I'd like to see Strider in a better mood and opening up a little more. And I want Bowen to be all fascinated and getting a glimpse of what's still out there apart from farming and having a good ale.

Author's Response:

Thank you, Michelle!  I'm so glad you enjoyed this... and I'm kicking myself for not have posting it here a lot sooner.  I can't imagine how I overlooked doing that, but at least it's here now.

That Strider... he knows how to make an entrance, doesn't he? *g* And in the second story, hopefully you'll get to see all those things you want--it's 13 chapters, though, so it'll be a few weeks before it's posted in its entirety (I know you only read things that are complete; can't blame you a bit there).

Thanks again!

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