duster 08/22/15 04:46 pm13: Chapter 13 - Good And Ill Oft Travel The Same RoadsSigned

When are you going to post the continuing of the Rushlight Trilogy?

Author's Response:

Hi, duster...

Best answer I can give: when real life and the muse cooperate. Real life got fairly terrible the last few years (caring for ailing elderly parents who both passed away after long illnesses, and between those two things, I got hit with breast cancer (I'm fine now, cancer free yada yada, but it was a lengthy recovery period, even for the stage 0 that I had).  Writing on the emotional level that story will take wasn't possible. But thankfully life is finally settling down again, and while I'm also writing Captain America fic, I do plan on returning to the Rushlight WIP. It's roughly 1/3 to 1/2 finished, and while I'm happy with it to this point, I don't dare start posting because I have a policy not to post stories unless they're 100% finished... otherwise I risk leaving readers hanging for, as would have been in this case, years. As it is, the two stories that are posted at the very least suffice as standalones.

Thanks for remembering and for asking--


anonymous 01/23/15 10:12 pm1: Chapter 1 - Never Have I Nursed A RangerAnonymous
It's really good love it... when will the other one be done?

Author's Response:

Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I wish I could give a date on when the follow up story will be finished. I'm about halfway done, but real life hit has hit like an avalanche and completely stalled any writing for me. Fingers crossed this year is more calm and more conducive for writing! Thanks for the nice review. :)

ich bin's03/09/13 03:02 pm13: Chapter 13 - Good And Ill Oft Travel The Same RoadsAnonymous

They say that no story is perfect and I have always believed that, but your stories are so close to it (at least for my taste). I have to thank you for this great story!

It is so unputdownable (if this word exists...), that it needit all my self-discipline to not read all at once (which was not possible because of uni and my need to sleep, how mean real life can be...). Although I knew, Strider would be fine at the and it was exciting from the firsth phrase to the last.

Your original charakters are great. Bowen is not just absolutly likeable, but also a good person to tell the story. He sometimes sees Aragorn's majesty and notice things with keen eyes, which makes me see that stuff as well, but than again he doesn't draw the right conclusions and his assumtions (which are pretty good at the and) are just hilarious, like when he tells Aragorn, that he would be no king for certain. Brilliant! Than there is Denland again, which I have already taken into my heart and I like, that we experience more about him, although it is sad, but what I like even more is the teasing of the rangers and also the relationship between Aragorn and Halbarad. You have the perfect balance of sad parts(like Denland's history), exciting parts (like the sickness and the birth), humourus and "good-feeling" parts (like the teasing or nearly everything concerning Bowen) and just beatiful moments (like the name of the child or the end), that I am always captivated by your story, feel with your charakters and at the end just feel great. 

Okay, this review is probably too long, especially with all the erros I make in English, but I felt I had to tell you how grandiose your story is and why I liked it (well I could say that short with "because of everything" or long with praise to every paragraph...). 

"Book Three of the Rushligh Trilogy to follow in the hopefully not too distant future"- I too hope so. I already know that I am going to love it.

Author's Response:

Thank you again, ich bin's! I'm so, so glad you enjoyed the second story, and it always gives me such a huge warm fuzzy when a reader tells me they've taken Denlad to heart. It's always risky to create your own characters in fanfic, because people come to read the canon characters, but fortunately so far I've gotten good feedback on my OCs, and Denlad in particular seems to have made it into everyone's hearts (which is good, because he needs a lot of love, what with that rocky childhood he had!).

And I declare that from henceforth until forever, "unputdownable" is a word!

Thank you again for your very kind words--it's reviews like this that make me want to rush to the computer and write more stories (and finish the ones I started). Fingers crossed real life starts allowing me more time to do just that!

gg04/06/12 05:42 pm13: Chapter 13 - Good And Ill Oft Travel The Same RoadsAnonymous

Lovely story. I really enjoyed it.

Author's Response:

Thank you!  So glad you liked it. :)

Michelle10/31/11 09:15 pm13: Chapter 13 - Good And Ill Oft Travel The Same RoadsSigned

Argh. I had just written up this wonderful and long(winded) review and my mouse at it (it's dying the slow death of all computer mouses and is doing extra clicks all the time, damn thing). And now I have to try and recreate that review.

Anyway, what I was saying: A marvelous story! I had so much fun reading it and I'm very excited to see that there will be a continuation. Now, the question is: what will the sequel be about? Taking into consideration that you've put in so many hints at Aragorn's true identity and Bowen's suspicions regarding who that "Strider" truly is, I'm kind of hoping he'll find out the truth in the next story. Maybe it'll be set after the War of the Ring? Or maybe some other circumstances will lead to that knowledge?

I loved the angst (sick!rangers are always entertaining), the fluff and the wonderful character interaction. Since this was a lesson in overcoming prejudices, I think it all depends on the characters and what you do with them. You took me along for every step of the way - but then again, you always did. I could hardly put this story down (but I *had* to sleep at some point, my body insisted).

And on a side note: My favourite minor character was Ruddy. I can't help but adore that dog *scratches Ruddy behind the ears*. Good doggy:)

Author's Response:

Thanks, Michelle!  Aw, Ruddy's racking up quite a few fans, the sweet thing. *g*  He really is a good dog.

Glad you liked the story.  As for the 3rd installment, to answer your speculations with specifics would of course complete spoil it, but er, part of the problem is that I'm still hammering out the details and so can't really give much in the way of spoilers anyway. LOL  But I will say that there will be a reunion between Strider and Bowen.  And a WHOLE lot of stuff before that.  We've got a lot of years to get through, after all. *g*

Thanks for your kind words!  (and for persevering in spite of mouse failure... I hate when that happens)

Ellynn10/26/11 11:16 am13: Chapter 13 - Good And Ill Oft Travel The Same RoadsSigned

Awwww, such a wonderful ending. *smiles happily* Thank you for this beautiful story. And all I can say now is - I can't wait for the sequel! :)

Author's Response:

Thanks, Ellynn!  So glad you liked how it all came out!  I reeeeally need to get that sequel hammered out...!  Thanks again for all your reviews! :)

Ellynn10/19/11 12:47 pm11: Chapter 11 - "There Could Be No Better Name."Signed

I don't know if it was your intention, or is this only my feeling, but this chapter is so tense and eerie. Of course, I am not even sure I used the right words to express myself, which complicates things even more... Anyway, "tense and eerie" in a good way - the feeling that makes reader hold his breath while reading, wanting to know and read more as soon as possible.

Am I making any sense?*huh*

Author's Response:

Yes, you're making sense!  There is a touch of "eerie" to this chapter, because of the way in which Aragorn healed little Owen Estel.  To someone like Bowen and Flora... and really, to you or I or anyone other than the Elves and the Dunedain and the Maia... that sort of healing touch would seem completely otherworldly and mystifying and in some ways scary.  So yes, there was a bit of an eerie feeling about this chapter by design. :)   And yes, there was also tension built into the chapter, both with the baby and with Denlad.  Lots to keep a reader reading, I hoped, and it seems it worked for you! :)   Thanks for the review, Ellynn!

Ellynn10/11/11 04:27 pm9: Chapter 9 - It's Always The Brown Eyes I Remember...Signed

Ok, let's go with comments, one by one. :)

1. It is really a sad story - I am so sorry that Denlad and his mother suffered that much. :(

2. I am really curious if we'll find out who the man was...

3. Can't wait to see what happens next with Flora! :)))

4. A grammar question. You have a sentence "I said I will not hold what happened against Bowen Rushlight..."

Erm, why "I said I will not hold..."? Why not "I said I would not hold...?" *confused*

5. Looking forward for more! :)))

Author's Response:

Thanks Ellynn... glad your questions didn't dim your enjoyment of the chapter too much.  Denlad's story is a sad one, at least up until he was finally taken in by Aragorn and the rest of the Dunedain.  He's definitely an example of how you can overcome tough times and live a good life despite a rocky start. 

Grammar:   Gah, okay... I'm no grammarian, and I write more from instinct and "latent knowledge" more than by remembering all the jots and tittles of the rules of the English language, so take this explanation with a grain of salt and feel free to find a proper grammarian to explain it more fully (and to correct me if I'm wrong)! LOL  But to my knowledge, "would" is usually considered past tense, and Denlad here is promising both for the present and for the future not to hold a grudge against Bowen.  So he says, "I will not hold" instead of "I would not hold".   It's a subtle difference, and I know some people do write it as "I would not hold" as a sort of style choice, to make it sound "old English" (I've done it myself).  But in this instance, I wanted Denlad's vow to be clear and focused on the present and the future, and "will" works better to convey that feeling than "would".  I hope that makes sense.

Ellynn10/05/11 12:37 pm7: Chapter 7 - Hanging On So Delicate A ThreadSigned

Aww, so sweet. I mean, their friendship. They can tease each other mercilessly, but they love each other so much, and the readers can easily feel it. You depict them perfectly. :)

I wonder if the family you mention will ever find out that Aragorn actually saved their lives...

Author's Response:

Thanks, Ellynn... I wonder about that too, what that family thought after they'd calmed down and gotten over their shock and grief and illness.  I can't help but think they probably felt very ashamed of themselves, or at least, I hope they did!  (Listen to me... talking about them as if they were real people!  But sometimes characters, even minor ones that are totally 'off screen' have a way of doing their own thing despite  my intentions). 

And thank you for the kind words about how I depict Aragorn and Halbarad... I do want to show how close a friendship they have, so it's always gratifying when someone mentions that I've done just that. :)

Ellynn09/28/11 10:16 am5: Chapter 5 - A Ragtag Stray Like StriderSigned

He delivered a baby? Yay! :) I can't help but remember "On a Stormy Night". Perhaps delivering babies is "women thing", but I am sure he can be of great help if complications in delivery happen. He is a great healer and the thought that he helps in such a situation somehow makes me smile and feel warm at heart, if you understand what I mean. :)

Lovely chapter! :)

Author's Response:

Thanks, Ellynn!  Glad you liked this chapter!  I've always imagined that gender roles weren't really something Aragorn worried about when it came to healing, and so I like to think he's helped many a mother deliver her child through the years.  Being Chieftain and healer of a dwindling people to me means he had to be skilled in a lot of areas... sort of the ultimate multi-tasker!  *g*   And yes, I do understand what you mean--we'll see if he'll have to crawl out of his sickbed to help Flora! 


Ellynn09/20/11 10:44 pm3: Chapter 3 - Strider Said NothingSigned

"I know, I know... you’re no king, that’s for certain."

Ok, I don't know what you wrote in the chapters that would follow, and I certainly don't ask you to tell me. So, you don't have to answer to what I'll say now. I just want to say that, in case you haven't written some sort of epilogued in which Bowen meets the King one day, sit down and start writing it. "No" is not an option. I *want* to read it.

Another great chapter, with great humor as always. I just loved "don't try to kiss me" part. *giggles*

Author's Response:

Thank you, Ellynn!  Glad you liked this... and the "don't try to kiss me" part. *g*  And as this is the 2nd in a trilogy, fear not... I'm already working on the third story, which will include Elessar's return and their reunion!  But it will be a while before it gets posted as I'm still in the "how shall I approach this" stage and haven't written word one yet!

Ellynn09/13/11 11:23 pm1: Chapter 1 - Never Have I Nursed A RangerSigned

Oh, I have a feeling that there will soon be another interesting talk. *lol*

Perfectly written, as always, my dear! :)

Author's Response:

Thank you, Ellynn!  I'm glad you liked this... and yes, I have a feeling you're right about interesting talks coming up again. *g*  Hope you enjoy the rest of the tale. :)

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