Karri11/29/14 04:14 am1: Chapter 1Signed

Beautiful tale!

Michelle08/11/11 11:31 pm1: Chapter 1Signed

It's sentimental - in a good way, but I think the elves lend themselves to that feeling (especially with the sealonging). But it's not clichéd at all, in my opinion. I think you manage to weave that slight sentimental mood into the story without making it to "heavy" with meaning. So, it's kind of like a bass note that's always in the background, but in the foreground is melody nonetheless. If that makes any sense...

I like that Sam is basically giving good advice to Legolas here - because everyone can do with a little hobbit-logic from time to time. He's right of course, why worry about things you can't change? Only... not worrying isn't all that easy. Also, loved how the whole setting reminded me of the Elvish forest party in "The Hobbit". That was a nice hommage!

And lastly: Congratulations on beating writer's block *claps*!!

Author's Response:

Actually I was most inspired by when the hobbits meet elves in the Shire, in the beginning of LOTR. I don´t exactly remember if they are having a party there but I remember that Sam was astonished (and I tried to make Elanor react a bit like he did) and I think they had lamps in the trees. But yes, there are some similatiries with the party in The Hobbit, and the elves themselves are modelled from The Hobbit rather than from the less merry elves in LOTR.

I think I understand what you mean about sentimentally. It´s about how I wanted it to be. I was most worried I would go too far when suggesting that all men would come to Valinor when they died, but Gandalf sure makes it sound like that in The Return of the King (at least in the movie - and I don´t remember if he ever says it in the book) and I *hate* sad endings... So i just had to change it, in my own fluffy way.

Hobbit-logic is wonderful. I wish I could think a little more like a hobbit^^ And Sam is a very wise hobbit (at least he ought to be after all he has experienced) and even outsmarted me. Some of his lines just popped up in my head and I was surprised by how right he had ;)

Overall, I´m glad you liked the story. Thank you for reviewing! Along with reading other fanfictions, and writing silly things, and not writing anything near fanfiction in a long while, kind words are great for killing writer´s block. Thank you!

Ellynn08/10/11 10:48 pm1: Chapter 1Signed

Unlike you, I would call it beautiful. I love your descriptions, the way Elanor sees the elves (and "my lady" detail), and especially Sam's wisdom. Elves much older than him can learn from him a lot!

Beautiful, sad ending. Well done.

Author's Response:

Elves sure have a lot to learn from Sam. It´s one of the things I wanted this story to show, that even though they are old and wise and all they don´t know anything about death, or at least they don´t understand it, and I think that´s part of their sadness. And in all his simplicity and humility Sam truly is a wise person.

I´m glad you liked the story, and thank you so much for reviewing! The descriptions of the elves and the evening was intended to be detailed and beautiful to capture that magical elven feeling, but I was afraid the story would lose it´s seriousness in all that beauty. Seems as though it didn´t though. Thank you again!

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