Striderette908/15/11 02:31 pm3: Chapter 3 - You Will Bring Them HopeSigned
A delightful tale from beginning to end! You've nicely captured the enigmatic nature of old Tom as well as the Ranger's bemusement. I like how you use these events to further Aragorn on the path to his destiny.

Author's Response:

Thank you, Striderette!  I'm so glad you enjoyed this... and yes, meeting Tom B. had to have been something that happened at some point in Strider's many travels, and it worked nicely to write it so that it happened as a young man because, to be honest, I'm a little bemused by Tom B. myself!  

Thanks for the review!

Michelle06/05/11 09:48 pm3: Chapter 3 - You Will Bring Them HopeSigned

LOL, I know it's really far-fetched, but whenever Tom started with his silly rhymes I couldn't help but think of "Men in Tights". My mind works in crazy ways sometimes, I apologize:)

And again you're doing Aragorn's infamous running commentary of what hurts. I could read that (and chuckle) 24 hours a day. That man's brain is a very funny place to be - especially when he just got hit over the head. Poor man. Loved the last chapter as well, some brotherly affection never goes amiss!

Author's Response:

LOL... wow, "Men in Tights", what a thought!  But I'm glad you enjoyed the story despite the occasional crazy rabbit trail it sent you down.  And yes, Aragorn's brain is a regular fun house sometimes, isn't it!  Thanks for reading!

Ellynn05/30/11 08:53 pm3: Chapter 3 - You Will Bring Them HopeSigned

Aww, wonderful. :)

It's nice to get a fluff from you for a change. You're doing great! :)

Author's Response:

Thanks, Ellynn!  I do like to write fluffy-ish stuff every now and then.  Surprises people, if nothing else. *g*  Glad you liked this little tale.

babschwi05/26/11 11:03 pm1: Chapter 1 - Surely I have Gone Mad...Anonymous

Hi, I'm very glad that you're writing again. For my taste this chapter is too fluffy, but I like your Aragorn and the way you describe his 'hurts'. Wishing for a little bit more 'angst' and feeling almost sorry because I'm going on a holiday for 14 days and won't be able to read more but I will be back as soon as I am home again! CU

Author's Response:

Hi, Babschwi... sorry this was too light for your tastes.  I do try to write a mix of things, from darker stories to ones that have a lighter tone--this one falls somewhere in the middle of that.  I hope when you read the next two chapters you come away satisfied.   Enjoy your holiday, and thanks for letting me know your thoughts.

Ellynn05/24/11 11:06 pm1: Chapter 1 - Surely I have Gone Mad...Signed

Aww, lovely and sweet. :)

Author's Response:

Thanks, Ellynn... there's a bit more to come. :)

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