Michelle02/26/11 12:36 am12: Chapter 12 - Appendix: "Please Try Not To Bite Me Like Last Time."Signed

LOL, that was quite refreshing. Between all those very knowledgable healers that hop around in Middle Earth, it brought a touch of reality that there's at least one person around who doesn't have any talent in forcefeeding oblivious rangers. At all.

Author's Response:

Yes, yes, exactly!  So many of us, and I confess to being as guilty as the rest, write everyone as having extensive knowledge of all things medical and having endless ability to be nurturing and gentle and all of that.  But I think everyone's had a ham-fisted nurse now and then, and so why not Aragorn?  Poor Grimbeorn, though... I may have to apologize to him if it turns out he's Arda's Greatest Caregiver Ever. ;)

So glad you enjoyed the story and thank you for all your comments along the way!

Michelle02/26/11 12:18 am11: Chapter 11 - Epilogue: Soaring WingsSigned

That's a worthy ending to a beautiful story. Aragorn has come full circle in many ways here and of course I loved Durvain fulfilling his promise and giving Aragorn his ride. Flight. Whatever:)

Also, the beginning of the chapter was very strong, IMO: Aragorn's joy and disbelief and grief all jumbled together. That was very well described.

(And personally, I must say I'm sleeping on Canadian goose down, which is also quite nice *g*.)

Author's Response:

Ooh, sounds like you have as comfy a bed as Aragorn's! 

Getting that emotional outburst at the beginning of the chapter right was a challenge... I have to thank my beta, Inzilbeth, for not letting me write it too flamboyantly, or too much "little boy in a sweets shop", which I believe was her very accurate assessment after she read the first draft. LOL  But I knew he must have been feeling half a million different emotions by the time that monumental day in his life finally drew to a close.  Sorting them all out would have been a challenge, and something I think he would have had to have done before he could finally find some rest.  Or I might have it all wrong and he simply took off the crown, muttered, "Jeez, about time I became king," and collapsed into his bed fast asleep.  But that wouldn't have been as fun to write...


Michelle02/25/11 11:44 pm9: Chapter 9 - Two Days Spent With Aragorn and He's Become Just As ObstinateSigned

I think Aragorn is well over his childhood fear of eagles. He didn't have much time anymore to think about that:) And - like usual - he's found a good number of new friends. Typical.

Author's Response:

Aragorn does manage to win over most people (unless they're named Denethor).   I'd love to have that skill!

Michelle02/25/11 12:24 am7: Chapter 7 - The Dwarf Didn't Like It EitherSigned

Durvain has quite a mischievous streak about him - I like it:) Poor Aragorn doesn't, but I guess you can't please everyone *heh*.

Author's Response:

LOL... no, if Aragorn has a mischievous streak in him, it's buried under fear and extreme nausea here.   *g* 

Michelle02/24/11 11:21 pm5: Chapter 5 - Tuck Your Head UnderSigned

Reading that chapter reminded me of something. Wasn't it you who came up with those ranger-specific proverbs and sayings? I can't find the story in question, but I *think* it was you. Because you're doing it again here whenever you let one of the eagles speak. That's very original and an absolute joy to read!

Author's Response:

Hmm, I might have come up with a few... right now my brain isn't cooperating and I can barely remember what stories I've written let alone if I put proverbs in them. LOL  I'm terrible about not remembering details about my own stories--I always have to refer back to them when I'm writing new ones.  But it's highly likely I tossed a few in for "flavor", especially with Halbarad, because I do think that everyone, even Rangers and Kings and Eagles, uses idioms of one kind or another and writing those kinds of things into dialogue helps it flow in a way that sounds real and natural and helps the reader connect better with the characters.  I know I had Ferdinand Took using a few hobbity ones in "The Ranger and the Hobbit".  I'm glad you enjoyed the ones I made up for my Eagles.   It was a lot of fun to think about how Eagles might express themselves in that way.  :)

Michelle02/24/11 01:01 am4: Chapter 4 - A Bit Feeble In The FeathersSigned

Oh, I'm quite charmed by Menelris already! She's quite intriguing - all that knowledge, she's not supposed to have:) She even surprised Gandalf with that and I guess not much surprises a wizard!

I'm really liking this story *sighs happily*.

Author's Response:

Yay!  I like it when I hear a reader sigh happily. *g*   But thank you... I'm also very glad you like Menelris.  I figure the Eagles, at least the northern ones that have the strong connection with Manwe, would know a lot about what goes on in Middle-earth.  You can learn a lot from observation.  And since they keep to themselves for the most part, no one really has much clue what they might know or not know, so yes, it's a surprise to Gandalf the extent of the details she's figured out.  I have to say, I really found studying Tolkien's Eagles to be a fascinating topic. :)

Michelle02/24/11 12:37 am2: Chapter 2 - Better at Blazes Than BandagesSigned

Oh, I can relate - we're having about -15°C right now. So, in short, it's freezing outside. Not really the time of year you want to spend in the mountains and ending up in avalanches.

I loved Gandalf's running commentary. Such a wry humour - well, he's trying to make the best of it, I guess:)

Author's Response:

Thanks.... I think Gandalf likely does view most things in life with a bit of a dry wit; I think Aragorn also shares that tendency so it's a great foil for their relationship, even when Aragorn's completely out of it.  And yeah, I was writing this in the thick of our own winter and all the while feeling very glad I wasn't battling through the snow, wounded and trying to get to safety!

Michelle02/24/11 12:06 am1: Chapter 1 - "Elbereth... hear me... help me..." Signed

*salutes* Here I am to finally tackle this story. I've always liked to see both Aragorn and Gandalf in fanfic - I really like the interaction between the two - and I expect to see much of that here *winks*. I found starting off with Gandalf's POV really interesting - you rarely get a chance to see into his head. So that was a treat.

And now let's see whether he can get Aragorn upright again. Or rather, let's see how many chapters he'll need for that endeavor!

Author's Response:

*salutes back*  Hi there! *g*   I figured you'd start reading this at some point, now that it's complete.  I'm glad you like the start of it, in Gandalf's POV.  It's not a spoiler really to say that the first 5 chapters are from his POV and the last five and epilogue from Aragorn's.  It was fun to jump into Gandalf's head for a change... he's a fascinating character and I've always loved the friendship he and Aragorn had.

As for how many chapters to get Aragorn upright... telling that at this point WOULD be a spoiler. *g*   Hope you enjoy the ride!

Anonymous02/06/11 12:07 am11: Chapter 11 - Epilogue: Soaring WingsAnonymous

Hi, this was absolutely breathtaking. You put yourself so well in Aragorns shoes, I found it  amazing how well you could describe his feelings about the coronation day and the things he gained, the losses and sacrifices. And I loved the description of Aragorns joy. And I am glad that he had the opportunity to take that flight with the eagles. Thank you very much for a beautiful story.


Author's Response:

Thank you!  I'm so glad you liked this chapter... I can't really say how I'm able to put myself in Aragorn's shoes other than to say that his coronation day, and specifically the night when he's finally alone, is something I've daydreamed about and studied on for a long time, so I guess all of that thinking went into the creation of this.  I'm very glad you felt it fit his character, and I'm so glad you enjoyed the eagle flight, and the entire story.

Thanks again!

babschwi02/03/11 01:46 pm10: Chapter 10 - Only a Farewell For a SeasonAnonymous

Hi! I can't name all things about this chapter I liked, it would be almost as long as the chapter self. It was very well written again and I liked the mood you created, very relaxed and funny in some ways ( Beorns change and the puppy spoiling Aragorn's shirt). I liked you're description of Gandalfs and Aragorns relationship, they sound so familiar. I'm a bit sad that it's coming to an end, but I enjoyed it still. I think only the epilogue is missing. Looking forward to it.

Author's Response:

Thank you, babschwi!  So glad you liked this chapter and all its lighter moments... I definitely wanted it to have a more relaxed feel as we've finally reached the end of all the crises--Aragorn's healing, Durvain's healing, and now it's time for a peaceful interlude for all of them.   And yes, there's an epilogue coming, and a "missing scene" that's a one-shot I'll post as an appendix after the epilogue.  And then I'll move on to writing a different story... what that one will be yet I'm not sure, as I have several works-in-process I need to finish. 

Thanks again for all the reviews you've left--they've been very encouraging!

babschwi01/30/11 11:03 am9: Chapter 9 - Two Days Spent With Aragorn and He's Become Just As ObstinateAnonymous

That was very very touching and sweet. Thank you again for a wonderful chapter.

Author's Response:

Thank you, babschwi!  Glad you enjoyed it!

babschwi01/24/11 11:34 pm8: Chapter 8 - To Beorn's With All Due SpeedAnonymous

Hi, I enjoyed reading two chapters today. Though this one leaves me with a cliffhanger and I don't know whether it will continue more funny or  frightening and I can hardly wait. And I just know that Gandalf won't be roasting Aragorn, I can imagine sth. magic could happen if he handles the staff wrong. And I can only repeat it, again very well written!!!! And thanks for the great amusement.

Author's Response:

Well done on two chapters today!  And thank you... I'm glad you enjoyed this one!  I don't *think* Aragorn will be roasted, but then again, sometimes Gandalf gets a bit testy!  We'll have to cross our fingers that things don't get too hot for Aragorn in the next chapter. :)

babschwi01/24/11 11:23 pm7: Chapter 7 - The Dwarf Didn't Like It EitherAnonymous

Hi, thank you again for a very fine chapter. I liked Durvains dry comments and the idea of the strange custom about vomiting onto their companion’s shoes made me laughing out loud. It was understandable that Aragorns so afraid of flying, being sick and wounded and feeling already terrible. The attack of the other eagle came totally unexpected and I was afraid that Aragorn might fall.

Author's Response:

Thank you, babschwi!  So glad you enjoyed this chapter... I would imagine that most of the actions of Men would seem very strange to an Eagle, but Durvain's doing his best to understand it all. :)   And wouldn't it be scary to be caught up in the middle of a battle between Eagles!  I dont envy Aragorn at all.

Thanks again!

babschwi01/18/11 08:37 pm6: Chapter 6 - Grab Him and Eat Him and Spit Out His Bones...Anonymous

Hi! This was just great, I loved every word and such a nice long chapter. Especially Aragorns childhood memories are very well written. I like Gandalf better when he is cross and sarcastic than fretting, though he is problaby both. Thank you very much!

Author's Response:

Ah, thank you... glad you finally got to read the chapter!  (Thursday's chapter should go up as planned).   And glad you liked this one... we'll be in Aragorn's point-of-view for the "back half" of the story, though cranky-fretting Gandalf will still be a big part of things.  Hopefully you won't find him too bothersome. ;)

Thanks for the review!

babschwi01/18/11 01:09 am5: Chapter 5 - Tuck Your Head UnderAnonymous

Hi, I almost forgot to review. Thank you again for the 5th chapter. I liked Durvain very much, but the chapter imo had not enough Aragorn in it and to much Gandalf fretting. And today is monday - so I'm waiting for an update - please, please, please....

Author's Response:

Thanks, babschwi... sorry that one didn't have enough Aragorn for you--this is, though, a story about Gandalf too, and as Aragorn was a bit out of it, he couldn't contribute as much.   And you can hardly blame poor Gandalf for fretting.  It can't be easy, trying to keep a king alive. :)   But the next chapter should more than satisfy you--it will go up on Tuesday this week, however, because of maintenance/server moves on this website.  I thought it best to be safe and not post the chapter while all that was going on.  But tomorrow morning it should be up and ready for you to read.

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