Michelle06/18/10 11:59 pm2: Chapter 2 - Elrond's Your Father?Signed

Ha, and here I was thinking you would simply dangle Arwen in front of Aragorn's nose for the rest of the fic - him always thinking of her, but never quite managing to meet her:) But I see you had other things in mind. And I'm *sure* Merry has a lot more questions now!

And the description of the "little snack" was hilarious! Sometimes, I want to be a hobbit - just to be able to eat such amounts of food. Other times, not so much - hairy feet aren't sexy at all.

Author's Response:

LOL... no, I'm not that cruel.  I figure Arwen was as anxious to see him as he was her, and I would have had to come up with all sorts of gymnastics to delay their reunion.  So she figures a bit more than just a longing thought this time. :)   And oh, to eat like a hobbit!  That'd be marvelous. *sigh*



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