Michelle01/19/10 09:20 pm18: What Lies Beneath?Signed

You do realize that you have to write a sequel, do you? Because Gollum is still missing in action and while things seem to look better in Esgaroth I'm somehow under the impression that not all is well yet.

I liked the idea that Aragorn doesn't exactly remember what happened in the mines. In a way, that makes everything even worse. He knows it was bad, but he doesn't know how bad exactly. So in this case, not knowing is probably worse than knowing for certain. A nice twist!

Author's Response: Thanks. The Greatest Gift (which might not fit the bill for this site) was intended as a sequel to this. I'm going to write how Aragorn found Gollum later on, but I want to build up a picture of how long it took to get the little wretch.

Michelle01/18/10 09:12 pm6: Lytegian, the Spell and the SpidersSigned
Oh, you are evil! I have a very bad case of arachnophobia, so even reading about Mirkwood spiders usually isn't my idea of fun. But the picture you included there *shudders*. Not nice, not nice at all!

Author's Response:

*Cackle* All in a day's work, dearie. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to get my broomstick!

I hate spiders too, which is why I wrote about them. Comparing a nasty person like Lytegian to a spider was the most effective way to get his creepiness across. I had great fun making the pictures. None of them are original, though. They're all photoshops.

Michelle01/18/10 08:40 pm1: Incidents and inconveniencesSigned

Ha, I'm finally here to read this. A very ominous beginning (I especially like Aragorn's "It should be safe" - if something spells doom then certainly something like this sentence!)

I also felt that the bit about the men prefering an enemy they can see over an enemy they cannot see rang very true.

Author's Response: Thanks a lot, Michelle! I'm very glad you like it. :D

StarLight12/13/09 10:10 pm14: Through The Open DoorSigned
Ha! The Watcher, some other strange and powerful creature, and the Balrog all want to have fun with Aragorn... this can't end well! I'm curious to see how he is going to get out of this, and even more curious to see what they are going to do to him. Very exciting so far and I can smell the angst coming soon!

Author's Response: Thanks. Sorry, I should have made it clearer: Artire the Watcher and Angwe the Balrog are the two beings that want to play with Aragorn. I've just uploaded the next chapter. Enjoy!

StarLight12/10/09 06:51 pm13: A Rough WelcomeSigned

This is getting better and better! I do not mind that Aragorn took a little detour before Moria, on the contrary, the additional storyline with Lytegian only added to the plot. It was a nice and unexpected twist to make him a skin-changer and now we have to wonder if he is a man, who can turn into a spider, or vise versa. The second seems more likely, but who know what you have in mind, and I wonder if he will appear again before the end of this story. I suppose Aragorn will have to bring Gollum to Mirkwood anyway, so we will see what has happened in the meantime.

You are building up the tension quite nicely. Everyone is expecting the angst to come, but there is still a long road to go before we get there. You have done great with connecting this story with The Hobbit, dismissing some of the more childish motives, and yet staying true to canon. I’m looking forward to more!

Author's Response:

Thanks, Star. I'm having ever so much fun with this, and believe me, there are a few surprises in store for Aragorn before he gets to Moria. I like to connect my fanon, so he will be running into Angwe and Artire, but the fun is in how I make it happen. To be honest, I'm not sure yet, but I'll have as much fun as you do finding out. :D

Reviews make me smile! :D

cairistiona12/01/09 09:12 pm1: Incidents and inconveniencesSigned

"It should be safe."  Oh, Aragorn, NEVER say that!!

Interesting start!  I like Gandalf's righteous anger and Aragorn's calm resignation... that Aragorn understands Men is very apparent and shown well here. 

I'm looking foward to reading more.

Author's Response:

Thanks, Cairistiona. :D


I wanted to reverse the idea that Gandalf knows all and make him more human. 


Aragorn will have a few name changes on the way - he can't use his real name for obvious reasons. He will also meet friends and enemies, have a few false starts but eventually discover what is in Moria and help resolve the Esgaroth problem. 


Thanks again for the review. :D

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