Ryanwe06/17/16 12:32 pm1: The HunterSigned

I really enjoyed this story: it must have been so difficult, to hide in the shadows and protect all the people of Eriador without even a thank you, and you show very well the feeling of loneliness of our hunter. I like to think that after the war of the ring, the new king did something to remember all the nameless rangers that had fallen to protect the North. Thanks for writing! 

LisaG07/01/10 06:49 pm1: The HunterAnonymous

How sad and lonely a life the rangers had (especially Aragorn) when out on patrol. :(  They truly never got the recognition they deserved from all the residents of the Shire, Bree, etc.

Author's Response:

It's really a sad thing, isn't it? The rangers really sacrificed a lot to protect people they didn't even know. It must have been a hard life sometimes. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing my story! :)

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