KyMahalei09/11/09 11:14 pm1: Chapter 1Anonymous
This is an excellent piece of writing. Your unique POV with dialogue and thought carrying the weight of the story is very compelling. I like the variety of tones that you encompass - serious, worried, lighthearted, etc. It's like watching someone sketch a picture where each line is a well defined bit that works with the others to create and beautiful picture. I hope you are still writing, Cairistoiona. I look forward to reading more stories from you.

Author's Response:

Thank you, KyMahalei!  I'm so glad you enjoyed this... it was written for the National Quality Writing Month, where the idea was to write 100 quality words each day.  I started it without a very clear idea of where it might go and it ended up working perfectly as a sort of prequel to my longer story, "At Hope's Edge".  Writing in 100, 200 and 300 word bursts was fun, and I did really want to show how dialogue alone can really carry a scene, or a story.  I'm glad you found it worked well. :)   And yes, I am still writing!  I'll have another story up in a month or so, a multi-chapter one.  I have a few "non-angst" and "non-perilous" stories that weren't suitable for this site at Stories of Arda as well.  Thanks again for the lovely review!

Michelle05/03/09 10:33 pm1: Chapter 1Signed
Didn't I rec this over at "Never Enough Heroes" without having read it? It seems I was right in saying that if it's one of your stories nothing can go wrong. This was marvellous. I just like Aragorn falling ill, can't help it! But what made this such a fine story was your POV choice. I'm really fond of Halbarad and I think you portrayed his loyalty (and friendship) very realistically.

Author's Response: Thank you, Michelle!  And yes, you did rec this without seeing it, which still astounds me.  I'm very glad that after reading it you didn't rush over to NEH with a hasty "Never mind!!!"  LOL   And I'm with you... I have a strange liking for seeing Aragorn ill, maybe because then I can see how much the others care about him.  And I think Halbarad no doubt loves his Chieftain very  much... glad I was able to write it so you could see that.  Thanks for the review--and for the sight-unseen rec!

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