Michelle03/02/08 01:06 pm1: Two MeetingsSigned
Interesting to see your take on things! Aragorn basically runs away from his problems and I think that's not too far-fetched. He's very young after all and suddenly he's all that stuff happening around him when he probably thought he'd happily live out his life sitting in the Hall of Fire listening to elves sing in lovely tenor voices. Whatever... I'm totally awed by Gandalf's appearance. It's so rare that I see him in fanfiction and then to write a first meeting of the two. I loved it! More please:)

Author's Response:


I have to admit it is game I play with myself, to try and write about certain characters at some time or other. The Theito challenges are ideal for that :-). Gandalf was very difficult for me to grasp, but I had more fun with him than I expected :-).

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