cairistiona04/21/08 04:35 pm22: Chapter Twenty TwoSigned
White Wolf, this is an excellent story... I really like how, through the physical descriptions, you made the Black Mountain an actual character.  Very vivid, and interesting take on what most writers simply relegate to setting.  The Druedain are new to me... I'm not very well-versed in 1st and 2nd Age history, I guess!  But it's a fascinating set-up for a very suspenseful tale. I hope you keep the updates coming!

Author's Response:

Thank you so much.  I'm very pleased that you 'e liking it.  It's funny, I didn't want the mountain to be just a setting in the background, yet I never really thoguht about it in terms of being an actual character.  Wow.  I realize that's exactly w hat I meant for it to be. 

I'm not as up on earlier times in Middle-earth as I should be either.  I could be considered dangerous in that I know a little about a lot in Tolkien, but at least, it gives me something to research.  And I do a lot of research, because I have a fear of readers calling me up on things I've gotten wrong.

I love suspense, so I put a lot of it in many of my stoires.  Also my plot bunny loves cliffies. :o)

I appreciate the very nice review.  Thank you.


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