LisaG04/18/10 11:18 pm3: Love and fearAnonymous

Awww...loved it!

Lestė02/03/08 03:30 am3: Love and fearAnonymous

Nice ending there!

"(...)he looks so regal that for a moment I am tempted to give him my crown, and all that belongs with it."


Author's Response: grin... I was a bit unsure if I could let that sentence stand after I had written it, so I am especially glad that you also see the humour in it :-). 

Lestė02/03/08 03:18 am2: Love and dutyAnonymous

I prefer the book Aragorn, who knows his own strengths, to the movie Aragorn. But, written like this, from Legolas' point of view, it makes a compelling little story that I enjoyed.

Thank you!

Author's Response: Well, your kind words mean even more to me knowing that you normally prefer the book-Aragorn :-). By the way, have you ever listened to the BBC-audio play of LotR? I guess the interpretation of Aragorn there would be to your liking ;-).

Lestė02/03/08 03:11 am1: Love and lossAnonymous
Amarok, somehow, the last phrase gave me goose bumps. It is a moving story.“Do not love if you cannot face the loss as well.”
Ah, but when the love starts, the thought of the loss is far away. It comes only later, when we don't want the good times to become memory.

Thank you for sharing, Amarok.

Author's Response:

Hi Lestë,

many thanks again for your reviews :-), and for telling me about your reactions.

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