Silivren Tinu05/25/08 06:13 pm1: Chance encounterSigned
You seem to be like me - I can never get enough of first meeting stories, though, strange enough, I've never written one. ;-) This is another story I really enjoyed, and I especially liked that finding nobility and bravery in a certain human gave Legolas hope for the future. It is so fitting that Estel would rekindle hope in Legolas' heart. :)

Author's Response:

Ahhh..., do write one, please! Bittebitte! I'd ask in more languages, but I've just exhausted my vey limited range ;-). I love first meeting stories... uhm...., obviously... ;-)... but I think now you've found all I've posted so far..., well, at least the ones where Aragorn meets Legolas for the first time :-).

Well, and I also love to play with Estel's name ;-). Glad -  and relieved, actually - to hear that it works here in this story, since it was written in a special (not overly happy) mood and situation.

Thenidiel05/01/08 11:26 pm1: Chance encounterSigned
Once again, I very much enjoyed this. Thanks!

Author's Response: Thanks again, Thenidiel, for your review :-). Nice to hear you enjoyed it.

Michelle12/07/07 08:07 pm1: Chance encounterSigned

LOL, I just did so now:) I like it, definitely!

So you're working on something involving wolves? I'm looking forward to it. I'm about to finish up my third wolf-story, and I've grown quite fond of them!

Author's Response:

Umhm..., just posted it now... uhm... and off I am into hiding, again ;-)...

Well, but not before I ask about your wolf-stories..., I think I found at least one of them today while searching for the other Mouse-story... does that other Mouse-story have the same title, just different genre, or should I search on? On the hunt for that I ended in the most interesting stories of yours, by the way :-). And I very much liked 'Building a Mystery'  (and I swear, I did write my story before I found it :-) ). So, which is the other wolf-story of yours :-)...since from the sound of it the third is not yet posted? 

Michelle11/24/07 12:17 am1: Chance encounterSigned

I should be cross with you because you included evil-bloodthirsty wolves, but you made Aragorn suffer and bleed all over Legolas' cave, so you are forgiven:)

That's what I like about Legolas. He can be mistrusting and downright forbidden, but he will always recognize the worth of a person. He has done so here and in the end did not only help Aragorn, but himself as well.

Thanks for the Aragorn-meets-Legolas! I never get enough of those stories!

Author's Response:

... grin..., so, if you are peculiar about wolves, I guess if I post the story I am currently working on you'll either kill or hug me afterwards - or both ;-)... (have you ever looked for the meaning of 'Amarok' on wiki, by the way... ;-) )






Anonymous11/22/07 08:11 pm1: Chance encounterAnonymous

Hey nice beginning for the friendship! Have you written a sequel?

Im gonna go look!

Author's Response: Thanks :-)... well... and for the sequel... yes and no ;-)..., months prior to this I had written something that actually might loosely work as sequel, but is different in style. I am still hoping that something that would fit the mood and characters of this story better comes to me though. Anyway, if I post a sequel it will be here :-).

Eleiel11/02/07 06:16 pm1: Chance encounterSigned

Ahh... I liked that very much! charming, though a bit underdone in places. If that makes any sense.

Anyway, I am very glad you thogt of it!

Author's Response:  ... thanks :-)... and I think I know what you mean by 'underdone'... and yes, it makes sense to me. Given the situation I was in when I wrote it this was the only way I could do it though... otherwise it would have been too intense for me to handle, as silly as that might sound. But I can still learn, for future stories... :-).

Lestė11/01/07 12:12 am1: Chance encounterAnonymous
Oh, thank you for this story. I enjoyed it very much. If you ever have more ideas like that, do write them down :-) 

Author's Response:


Thanks for your reviews... I am glad you enjoyed this story - and my other :-). 


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