fangirl11/08/09 03:56 pm14: EpilogueAnonymous

I'm not sure if I have reviewed this story before, but I just had to let you know how much I enjoyed it-again!  It is truly one of my most favorite LOTR pieces.  It's so full of angst and adventure and friendship.  Your characterizations of Legolas (my favorite elf) and Aragorn are right on... the way they care for each other, are selfless and ready to die for what they believe...ugh!  So well written and lovely.  Every time I need a good dose of angst I turn to this story-absolutely perfect!

Author's Response:

Hi! I'm so glad you loved this story so much! Legolas is my favourite elf, too, and I'm happy you like the way I write him and Aragorn! I love writing stories about their friendship and it means a lot to me that you enjoy what I'm doing and even re-read this story more than once. :) Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! :D


jess12/06/08 04:27 am14: EpilogueAnonymous
OMG!  This is such a beautifully written story.  You've portrayed their friendship for the deep and loving bond that it is :)  You were so on with such delicious angst as well.  I was on the verge of tears a few chapters back:(  Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talents with us mere mortals.  peace, jess

Author's Response:

Hi Jess! Aww, now you make me blush! *g* I'm very glad you liked my story so much! I love writing about Aragorn and Legolas' friendship and hearing that someone likes the way I portray it always makes me happy. :) Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!


Amarok06/01/08 12:40 pm1: TrappedSigned
This is a great tale about Legolas-Aragorn-friendship. Action-filled, angst-filled... and it touches on many interesting themes: loyalty, hope, continuing not for own sake but for the  other's... Emotionally I was most touched by the scene when Legolas can not  believe it it truly Aragorn who has come for him, who is saving him from the orcs. But their long and difficult flight, how they care for each other, the almost sacrifices and all that were great also.

Again I love how you portray Legolas' special connection with the trees; and the importance of his bow. Oh, and something else I like very much about your story is a certain balance in hurts they have to suffer. It shows them as equals, despite their different strenghts.

I'll have to check out your other stories again I think, to catch up on the hints you left in this tale :-).

Author's Response:

I'm very glad you enjoyed my first long story! I wanted to write a story that was almost solely about friendship and survival, and all the various themes connected with both. I really like that scene where Legolas is not sure if Aragorn is real, too - after what Legolas had been through, I just thought it would have been too easy to have him accept that Aragorn is alive and about to free him right away.

The special talents Legolas has as a wood-elf have always fascinated me. :) I often like to give both of them their share of angst and injuries, because I want to portray them as equals. I probably tend a bit more to writing elf angst, but I love the ranger too much to risk making him feel neglected. *g*

Hehe, I hope you enjoy them! Thank you so much for your review! :)


Cara05/25/08 12:22 am1: TrappedAnonymous
Awesome! Really, wow its so nice to find an angsty writer who can.. you know, actually write XD Great stuff

Author's Response:

*blushes* I'm very glad you enjoyed my story so much! :) Thank you very much for both the review and the compliment!


Cris12/13/07 05:47 pm9: Facing the EnemyAnonymous

I'm really enjoying your story so far. I like how you demonstrated that both Aragorn and Legolas draw strength from the others presence.

I also like how Legolas is aware of how his death will affect his father and thus his kingdom.

My favorite line so far is definitely  "There was nothing else for him to do but to be a living barrier between the darkness in front of him and the fading light behind him, and wait." Oh. My. Goodness. Although the line, "His will to live was linked to the weak heartbeat in the still body behind him, and if he went down before that heart stopped beating he was determined to rather kill his friend himself than allow the orcs to touch him." also stirs my heart. Very *very* nice writing! Stirring without being melodramatic.

Author's Response:

Hi! :) I'm very glad you're enjoying my story so far! I love writing about the strength of the friendship between Aragorn and Legolas, and about Legolas' relationship to his father.

The two lines you quoted were special to me, too, so I'm very happy you mentioned them! I really wanted to show that Legolas was only able to keep staying on his feet and fighting because he had to protect Aragorn at all costs. *sigh* Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, I hope you'll like the rest of the story, too! :)


Michelle10/02/07 10:26 pm14: EpilogueSigned

*content sigh* Congrats on your first long story!!! And as you probably already guessed, I really liked it:)

This last chapter was wonderful as an epilogue, very quite and yet tieing up knots that needed to be tied up. I found the talk between Aragorn and Thranduil especially interesting. Probably out of the very egoistical reason that I'm currently thinking on how to write these two together. So it's good to see how other's handle it (and to have Thranduil accepting Aragorn's and Legolas' friendship is always a big plus).

And you left the way open for a sequel! Because I highly doubt that their time in Rivendell will be quite and relaxing! 

Author's Response:

Thank you! :) I can't tell you how happy I was when I finally wrote "The End". At least I know now that I'm able to write and finish long stories. ;-) I'm very glad that you enjoyed my story! *hugs* I was really a bit nervous about posting it.

I have to say I had fun writing the epilogue. The Aragorn-Thranduil scene was very interesting for me, too. Those two very seldom seek each other out or have the opportunity to talk, probably because their relationship often is not exactly amiable in fanfic stories. The way I see it, they can't help liking each other in spite of the problems that arise from Aragorn's friendship with Legolas. I hope I was able to inspire you. *g* I always like seeing how other authors handle certain scenes or relationships, too.

You are the third person wanting a sequel, it seems I will have to start thinking about it. For some reason, no one seems to think that their journey to and their stay in Rivendell will be very relaxing. ;-) But first I should better try to finish a certain stubborn carpet-story. :P

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing my story, I really enjoyed reading your comments and replying to them! :)

Michelle10/02/07 10:16 pm13: DaybreakSigned
Once again, really good that the memory of Legolas' captivity is lingering in his mind. Thranduil killing each and every orc may bring some closure, but it's realistic that Legolas realized that it won't be as easy as that. It's a *small* victory, but it's not even the last battle he will have to fight. But in the end, friendship overcomes all for these two:)

Author's Response: I think Legolas will be haunted by memories of his captivity and Aragorn's 'death' for some time to come, but I doubt he will have to (or have a chance to) deal with them alone. ;-) It would be nice if killing the 'bad guys' would take care of the memories, too, but it simply does not work that way. At least the death of the orcs means some kind of closure - it will not happen again, not to Legolas nor to any other unfortunate elf. I agree completely, friendship really overcomes all for these two. You just have to love them. *g*

Michelle10/02/07 09:58 pm12: A King's WrathSigned

So the action is slowly winding down and you gifted your readers once again with a quieter chapter. And those two definitely deserved a break!

I feel with Nestadren, though. Maybe he should keep some strong wine near, it feels to me he might need it!

Now, those two only need to get out of the healings rooms and Thranduil has to come back.

Author's Response:

I thought characters and readers really deserved a break at that point. ;-) Besides, I love quieter chapters which leave room for healing, comfort, and recuperation.

LOL - strong wine sounds like a good idea! Hm, makes me wonder if Legolas' adventures have something to do with Thranduil liking wine so much. :D

I have a feeling at least the latter will happen soon. :) 

Michelle10/02/07 09:41 pm11: The Will to LiveSigned

Ha! So there is a horse. And he played a role in their rescue. All's well with the world... and I'm sure he did a better job than Mouse would have under the circumstances.

Interesting choice to stay with Legolas' POV here. It takes away all the mad rush back to palace, all the near-death experiences and stuff. But at the same time it leaves room for the reader to come up with own gapfillers. 

Author's Response:

Yes, there is a horse. Tuilinn insisted on being in the story and of course he had to save the day. *g* It would be really interesting to see what Mouse would have done in a similar situation. Knowing you and Mouse, I guess that would be a very entertaining story. ;-)

It somehow felt right to stay with Legolas' POV here. I didn't want the reader to know more than he did. I tried to make up for all the missing scenes by having Nestadren tell Legolas about what happened while he was unconscious. I hope I did give enough information to satisfy both Legolas and my readers' curiosity *and* leave room for one's own imagination. Frankly, I would like to write some of the missing scenes from Thranduil's POV one day. :)

Michelle10/01/07 09:22 pm10: To the Last BreathSigned

*breathes sigh of relief* So the evil orces are dead. Now those two only need to survive. Especially poor Aragorn. Don't you dare do something permanently bad to my favourite ranger!

I think I haven't mentioned yet that I liked Legolas' reaction to the orcs and his capture. Most often that not he's all heroic. The unfazed elf who couldn't care less whether he's tortured within an inch of his life. That's nice and very fictitious, but I think the reaction you wrote for him feels more real. He is not only afraid for others (Estel, his father, his kingdom) but only for himself. He has nightmares about what happened. He can only cope with his capture if he can concentrate on something else (Aragorn, in this matter).  

Author's Response:

Me? Harm the ranger permanently? Could I ever do something like that to one of my two favourite characters? *smiles sweetly*

I have to say Legolas' reaction to his captivity was written that way because I really missed such a reaction (or any kind of vulnerability and realism) in many other stories I've read. I tend to find invincible heroes a tad boring. *g* After all, where's the need for comfort scenes when the heroes are incincible and able to cope with whatever kind of torture and torment they're submitted to anyway? I'm very pleased that you liked the way I wrote his reactions and feelings. I think Aragorn needing him was really the one decisive thing that enabled Legolas to cope and keep going. Aragorn really saved the day and the elf in more ways than one in this story. *g*

Thank you so much for all your great reviews, you've just made my day! *hugs* 

Michelle10/01/07 09:08 pm9: Facing the EnemySigned
Umm, I think now would be a good time for the rescue party to appear...

Author's Response: Let's just say things will get better - eventually. *g*

Michelle10/01/07 08:51 pm8: GriefSigned

*bawls* The only thing giving me comfort right now is the fact that this is only chapter 8 out of 14!

Aren't they missed? Isn't anyone looking for them *bites nails*? 

Author's Response:

It's definitely too early in the story to kill characters off! :D Not that I'd ever do so anyway. :P

No comment. *g* And go easy on those nails, you'll still need them for the next chapter, lol.  

Michelle10/01/07 08:37 pm7: The StormSigned

It really is no good idea to be out and about in a forest when there's a thunderstorm going on. Even with a wood-elf. I can totally understan Aragorn's reluctance!

Also, the squirrel comment made me smile. I'm working on the wolfverse again, so I instantly imagined Aragorn as a black were-squirrel. Isn't it hilarious? He would be such a cute pet...

On a side note, I like the little references to your older stories. It's very subtle and will draw a knowing nod from readers who know your stuff. But "Hunted" doesn't heavily rely on any background-knowledge. It's an added pleasure to understand the little hints. Wonderful! 

Author's Response:

No, it isn't a good idea, but it makes for great angst and atmosphere. *g*

*imagines Aragorn as a were-squirrel and chokes on tea* Now I almost murdered my keyboard, lol. Awww, now I want a were-squirrel as a pet - that would be so nice, and cute, and adorable... and the fact that it would turn into a gorgeous ranger from time to time really wouldn't be a bad thing, too. *dreams*

I liked that about the story, too. Actually, some short stories I've written wouldn't have been written without "Hunted" - I needed a lot of background about Aragorn and Legolas' relationship for this story and that got me thinking about the beginnings of their friendship and other things, which I often decided to write down in form of a story. ;-) I'm glad you found those little hints to be an added pleasure, I hoped they would come across like that for readers who know all my stories, but you never know. :)

I'll be back with the next reply after dinner. ;-)


Michelle09/30/07 09:25 pm6: RestSigned
Thank you! I think not only Aragorn and Legolas needed that little respite. Even I feel a lot more relaxed now. That poison worries me, though. As do the orcs. Sitting under that tree for so long will have melted away whatever headstart they might have had. 

Author's Response: I had a feeling the readers would need a break at that point, too (I did). It was nice to write some more or less relaxing comfort scenes for a change. I'm addicted to comfort scenes. :) Worrying about the poison and the orcs is probably a good idea. *g*

Michelle09/30/07 09:12 pm5: ConfrontationSigned

This is plain evil! How are they supposed to reach the palace like this?!

How about a convenient little patrol coming along and rescuing them? Or at least give them  a horse. I'll even give you Mouse, I don't need him at the moment (he's standing in the middle of Lothlorien, nibbling leaves from the mallorn trees).

You can only make it worse by adding spiders. Please tell me, there won't be any spiders... 

Author's Response:

Perhaps they won't reach the palace and I'm writing a deathfic. *g* SOmehow I think that would be more credible coming from another author...

I fear the patrols are busy elsewhere right now. A horse will play an important role, but not in this way. LOL, I think poor Mouse wouldn't be too happy if we forced him to leave Lothlorien and his tasty mallorn leaves to throw him right in the middle of a dark, sinister forest and make him carry two poisoned riders while being followed by a horde of orcs! I can't do that to the poor horse! Strangely enough, I don't have any problems doing it to certains elves and rangers, though. *g*

Definitely no spiders. I promise. *g* 

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