The Ranger and the Eagles by cairistiona [21 Reviews]

The hunt for Gollum has passed its first summer, but will it survive its first winter? A tale for Lily Baggins, who wanted a simple hurt-comfort drabble between Aragorn and Gandalf... but a drabble just wouldn't do! Special thanks to Inzilbeth and Estelcontar for their faithful beta-work (and work it was at times!)

Category: Third Age - Pre LOTR | Series: Series Characters: Aragorn, Beorn, Gandalf, Grimbeorn, Original Character | Genres: Action, Adventure, Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort | Language: English | Rating: K+ | Warnings: None | Chapters: 12 | Published: 12/30/10 | Updated: 02/07/11 | Words: 47347 | Completed: Yes | Read: 44903