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 Yun here. Nothing out of ordinary I guess, life changes nothing big.

I don't really write LotR anymore, my passion is with HP and I still find I don't even have time for that.

 The calibre of my work isn't the best I know, but I was young and naive, weren't we all?


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Stories by So Yun
How I go by So Yun [1 Reviews]
Son I am not everything you thought that I would be,but every story I have told is part of me. Legolas must say the hardest goodbye, to his father.
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What days we see by So Yun [4 Reviews]
One heart breaking disaster can change life forever in Mirkwood. Will the king's heart ever heal and reclaim his son? Will the brothers teach their father a lesson worth learning? And will Legolas ever wake up and be loved again?
Category: Third Age - Pre LOTR | Series: Series Characters: None | Genres: Angst | Language: English | Rating: T | Warnings: Character Death | Chapters: 1 | Published: 09/11/06 | Updated: 09/11/06 | Words: 1809 | Completed: No | Read: 1179