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I love God and love to write, as well as draw. All my talents are given by The Creator and I give all I am to Him.

Hebrews 11:1
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It's Out of My Hands by Firniswin [2 Reviews]
Fifteen years is a long time, but after The War of the Ring, Aragorn is busy up to his eyeballs with being King of Gondor. When he is allowed to hold a special party, he invites many people, and in particular one important friend. Little does he know of the greedy eyes that watch his kingdom, not to mention his beloved wife.
Category: Fourth Age - Post LOTR | Series: Series Characters: | Genres: Angst | Language: English | Rating: T | Warnings: None | Chapters: 2 | Published: 03/08/05 | Updated: 03/09/05 | Words: 2725 | Completed: No | Read: 3340