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Written with ‘Remember How to Smile’ in mind, of reminiscing the past. The poem is meant to tie up my series of poems on the Mellon Chronicles. Yes, this one is quite overdue.
Rated: T
Categories: Third Age - Pre LOTR, Third Age - War of the Ring, Fourth Age - Post LOTR
Characters: Aragorn, Legolas Genres: Angst
Language: English
Warnings: None
Language: English Genres: Angst
Language: English
Warnings: None
Complete: Yes Series: None
Word count: 283 Read: 855
Published: 04/03/09 Updated: 04/03/09


A/N: The poetry muses have not visited for a long time, as you can tell. I’ve moved on to prose, rather than poetry, though I can’t deny that I still hold a place in my heart for it. This won’t be the last poem I write, but don’t expect too many of them in the future.

This poem is either in Aragorn’s POV or Legolas’ POV.


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