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Legolas is injured. Aragorn tries to save his friend’s life… and while he does, he remembers the time when he first used his special skill on his own...
Rated: T
Categories: Third Age - Pre LOTR
Characters: Aragorn, Legolas Genres: Angst, Drama
Language: English
Warnings: None
Language: English Genres: Angst, Drama
Language: English
Warnings: None
Complete: Yes Series: None
Word count: 10172 Read: 2720
Published: 06/16/08 Updated: 06/16/08

Disclaimer: Middle-earth and its inhabitants belong to Tolkien, I am merely borrowing them for a while – and I make no profit with them.

Beta: once more I had very much appreciated help from cairistiona and Chris. Thanks a lot!

Warning: Angst. Slightly AUish, but nothing major – I hope. POV changes, in more than one way.


(3 Reviews, 10172 words)

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