gginsc10/28/12 03:46 am10: Epilogue - Hope RegainedAnonymous

Great story! Is there more?

Amarok12/31/07 08:19 pm1: Prologue - Hope LostSigned
I so should be doing other things right now, just hours before New Year.., but just this: the last few days I went through some of the LOTR-fanfics I have downloaded on my computer, from when I first started to read in this fandom..., and amongst them there was this story, and while the title did not remind me the first lines of the story certainly did, that I had liked this a lot when I read it the first time - and I ended up reading the whole thing again :-). And now imagine my surprise when I then looked who had written it... :-) (I know, really language-versed people can recognize writing style, I can not though).

Now, that I know much more about Middle Earth and can see the small references and connections I loved the story even more... what especially did I love... how Estel instantly uses his newly-won freedom to decide to help Legolas despite his broken wrist..., the connections with hypnosis and Reiki, and chess..., Tinnu of course ;-)... Elronds feelings in all of this... and... uhm... I do have a weak spot for slave-regaining-freedom fanfics... :-)

And of course I also wondered about the future fate of Shaya..., will they meet again? *wink-mit-dem-Zaunpfahl*... ;-)

Author's Response:

Hi! I'm glad you even enjoyed it even more the second time around. The play on canon was one of the most interesting things for me while writing this. You don't have to change much (maybe two or three sentences in the LOTR appendix) to makes this work and that was fun to come up with.

I do know what will happen to Shaya and I hope to come back to that story in the future. I would like to write a sequel to "Hope Lost", but the ideas for that are really vague as of now. 

Fishpaste11/22/07 10:48 pm10: Epilogue - Hope RegainedAnonymous

I love this story. Ive always loved it ever since I first found it about a year ago. Unfortunatly I was unable to review then and lost the story amoung all the others. It was fantastic to find it again, sort of like discovering a beloved childhood toy.

You are a fantastic author and I hope you write many more stories.

Author's Response: A review like that is bound to brighten my day. I'm glad that you liked rediscovering the story and I promise I will write many more!

Thorongirl09/29/06 05:42 pm9: 8. TraumaworldAnonymous
The way you portrayed Gilraen's dilemma (poor woman) and her looking out for Estel was touching. That horrid man. Your Estel has led a terribly traumatic life. I loved just how deeply embedded it was in Estel's conscious to keep his real name secret and I almost cried when his story finally came out. A seriously fantastic Alternate Universe story! If I'm your fandom hero, you're my fandom heroine!

Author's Response:

I knew you would have an aha-moment in that chapter:) Simply because you kept the rape warning in the back of your mind and noticed all the innuendo between Estel and Legolas during their first meeting... And just out for curiosity - when we're hero and heroine? What are we're going to do now *bg*?

Thanks for the feedback, it made my day! 

Thorongirl09/23/06 11:36 pm10: Epilogue - Hope RegainedAnonymous
Oh, Michelle, what a lovely ending. Lots of poeticism in your writing of this fine tale. I enjoyed this 'What if?" story immensely and it was really quite different from almost any other LOTR fanfic that I've read. It does beg for a sequel, you realize, though, don't you? I would really enjoy having your young Aragorn getting to know (and be loved by) Elladan and Elrohir. Thank you SO much for this. It's been a a real pleasure to read.

Author's Response:

Poeticism? So you noticed all the symbolism, and here I was thinking I was being subtle:) I do realize it begs for a sequel. As I said on the list I have their story planned out (as well as Shaya's fate, I know exactly what happens to her in the future), but I'm not sure yet whether I'll write it.

Thank your for commenting! You're my fandom-hero:) 

Silivren Tinu09/20/06 10:42 pm8: 7. Break the CycleSigned

I have no idea how it happened, but I completely missed this update! Maybe yahoo ate it to annoy me... *grumbles*

Anyway, I'm glad Legolas decided to look in on Estel and wake him from that nightmare. Knowing the stubborness of a certain human this could have gone on for quite some time otherwise. ;-) I liked your description of Estel, it is sweet how trusting he begins to be, at least with Legolas and Elrond, and how he starts to develop well-known Aragorn-traits like determination or trying to get bandages taken off before the time. *g*

The scene between Estel and Legolas was so sweet, how Estel held on to his hand, and how they sat together in the bed. Hm, it seems Estel truly does not remember anything useful (as far as his identity is concerned).

Btw, after reading that chapter I wouldn't be surprised to learn that chess was invented by elves, lol. I liked your comment about Legolas being used to having to fight losing battles and therefore not giving up easily, I think it would really be part of his character. I also liked his plan to distract Elrond. Did it work, or did they forget to finish the game?

Hypnosis! Now that's a great idea, I didn't think of that possibility. I'm rather curious what will come of it. Great chapter, I loved it! :)


Author's Response:

Oh, I made up that whole history of how ME chess was invented in Gondolin and later on brought to Rivendell and how it was different in the beginning and Elrond changed it around a bit. But unfortunately that didn't make it into the story:) Even though, you can thank Namarie for the idea to use a ME version of chess!

And don't we all like those Aragorn-traits? You just want to cuddle him:) 

Thorongirl09/19/06 04:53 pm7: 6. Almost HappyAnonymous

Lovely, Michelle, simply lovely. The nightmare sequence is brilliant, BTW. Wish I had time to leave a better comment but really, fantastic story.  


Author's Response: Your comments are always greatly appreciated, whether they're long or short:)

Narya09/05/06 10:44 am5: 4. Downward SpiralAnonymous
I really like your story and can't wait for Elrond/Estel and estel/twins meetings. Keep writing:)

Author's Response: I'm glad you like the story! Stay tuned for the reunion:)

Thorongirl09/01/06 06:44 pm4: 3. Who Can You TrustAnonymous

I'm baaaacccccckkkkkk! Yes, scary, is it not? Aw, the waking scene and the dream he just doesn't want to tear himself away from. Acck! I want to cry for the poor kid. (I may have said that already)...And when Estel first lays eyes on Legolas and it is "as if he had stepped into reality form one of Estel's daydreams of a better life'. Wow, that was touching. I am loving Legolas in this story more than in almost any other. He is SO compassionate and when Estel begins to feel wanted and you say the world is moving a bit too fast for him, very telling. Ah, yes, Legolas, that's right...just why does Estel have that particular name? Shall we tell him, readers? No, let's not!  The painful silence 'that hung between them like a vile thing, eating up the little trust Estel had found in Legolas' -- wonderfully descriptive of each one's feelings.

And what's this -- orcs? They are handy to have around. Will Estel make it back to Rivendell? Will Legolas kill the orcs? Will the two of them get back unscathed? Call me suspicious, but it seems awwffffuuuullllly early for sweetness and light. I love this story!

Author's Response:

I don't know what's up with me and Legolas. He's not even my favourite character, but somehow I enjoy writing him a lot. Very strange:) And let's not tell the elf why the slave bears such an unusual name... or the story would be over *g*.

To tell you the truth: I had planned to write a story completely without orcs. But they demanded attention, so I wrote them in! 

Thorongirl09/01/06 05:36 pm2: 1. This Desert LifeAnonymous
Wow! Talk about intense. This was really and truly heartbreaking. I felt so bad for Estel throughout the whole chapter. These people are horrible, cruel, mean, and heartless (and that's the good things I had to say about them)! You honestly do invoke a real sense of horror as to what a slave's life might be like and when I say it was heartbreaking, I mean it as a sincere compliment -- because you were able to convey that in a way I've seen in few other stories. I hope the ltitle girl gets out of this situation somehow. And when they heartlessly leave Estel for dead, I felt like crying. Wonderfully told tale thus far and I can't wait to read the rest. I think it's your best story thus far. I am loving it. (And yes, it is about time we had a Legolas rescues Estel/Aragorn slave fic)!

Author's Response:

It is, isn't it? It seems so easy to put Legolas in the "weaker" role and have manly Aragorn save him, so I thought it'd be fun to turn the tables. I'm glad I managed to convey a sense of hopelessness in this, but of course the elf will make it all better!

Thanks for the praise:) 

Thorongirl09/01/06 05:30 pm1: Prologue - Hope LostAnonymous
Ah, Michelle. What an intriguing beginning. They are searching for Estel, it seems but just what has happened? Excellent start. I was going to review at the Yahoo Groups site but I thought it would be kind of fun to review here for a change because at the groups it's sometimes hard to follow the path of story/review (at least it is for me)!

Author's Response: Oh, review here or there, that's all fine by me:) Yes, what exactly has happened to Estel? The possibilites are endless - he so easily gets into every kind of trouble!

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