lwarren08/14/06 05:02 am2: DiscoveriesAnonymous

Not good, not good at all!  One has to believe that even tho' this Ice Queen can't control Legolas, she's not going to like him poking around looking for her source of power.  And if she doesn't want a human, and can't use an elf...well, who in Arda would interest her?  *strokes chin thoughtfully*  Very interesting, very interesting indeed!  (Oh, and btw, I am still FREEZING!  lol)


Author's Response: Tea, drink more tea:) And don't worry, Legolas won't let Aragorn freeze to death. I promise!

lwarren08/14/06 04:53 am1: Summer FeelingAnonymous

Was eating some really good ice cream when I started this chapter - now I am freezing!  This sounds very menacing and disturbing...and these two do LOVE to get into deep water (or snow!)  I think Elrond should tie a rope to both of them and hold onto it while they enter this strange forest.  That way they won't get lost and he can pull out their poor injured, tortured, frostbitten bodies before it's too late!  LOL  I loved the picture of these two lazing around looking at clouds and arguing about who got who into trouble - sounds like a 'guy' thing to me!  Oh, and the honeycakes...Erestor and the honeycakes!  *giggles*  Great beginning *shivers*...


Author's Response:

Oh, you ate *ice cream* while reading this? Not the smartest thing to do - I wrote it while drinking large amounts of apple/cinnemon tea. Kept me all warm and cozy. So I can recomment this treatment:)

And yes, Erestor and the honeycakes. Don't know where it came from, but I like this scene as well. Thanks so much for reviewing! 

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