Amarok12/15/07 08:34 pm1: Come Back a ManSigned
Wow... that was a surprise. Nice story! I can well imagine that the Dunedain had a tradition like the vision quest, and of course I totally agree that Aragorn's guide just had to be a wolf.

Author's Response: Yep, and I was quite suprised when I found that the wolf really would be his animal. Nice coincidence!

lwarren08/14/06 04:41 am1: Come Back a ManAnonymous

How very interesting!  It will serve Aragorn well to have the spirit of the wolf within to add to the strength he will need in the years to come.  Neat story - you paint a very vivid picture of Aragorn's state of mind and body during his trial!


Author's Response: It was the first story I wrote and I guess I would do things differently now, but somehow the wolf still strikes me as a totem animal that would fit Aragorn well. Those two just *click*, for lack of a better word. And it's very manly:)

Gandalfs apprentice12/13/05 08:05 pm1: Come Back a ManSigned
Michelle: What a nice story! I am so glad you presented a wolf in this way--that's one of the quarrels I have with Tolkien. And the journey of discovery is so true to Estel and his struggles to become what he is supposed to be.--Gandalfs apprentice

Author's Response:
I'm glad you like the wolf! I had half-feared I was the only one being a bit depressed about how wolves were displayed in the LOTR universe. I sure hope what Estel has been shown this night will help him later on and make him realize that embracing his heritage doesn't necessarily mean that he has to become someone else entirely.

Thank you for the review! 

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