Niniel07/07/05 10:41 am1: Walking in the ShadowsAnonymous
I must admit: I am now officially in love with your Faramir, and the shyness and the strength that he posses. I think you do a wonderul job with him, truely wonderful! Please write more about him, as i already dread trhe moment that I shall have read all your stories.

Author's Response: ManY thanks for your much appreciated review.I hope to write more stories about Aragorn and Faramir as well as those already on this site.I have a none angsty one called "At the Rising of the Moon" at SOA and

Michelle06/01/05 11:10 pm3: RecognitionSigned
This was very bookverse, which is entirely a good thing:) I was very happy when I heard the Houses of Healing would be back in the ROTK EE, but still the scene was way too short for me. And even Ioreth was in it, I just always found her memorable... I loved Aragorn's insecurity about whether Faramir would aknowledge his kingship and the end where Aragorn muses about having a child Faramir's age was just beautiful. I never thought it about that way. Makes sense!

Author's Response:

Many thanks for your much appreciated review.Although,I enjoy the films, the books are my source of inspiration while writing.I was very disapointed that Aragorn's healing of Faramir was not shown.

I wanted to find a new angle for a familiar story and am glad you enjoyed what I chose !

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