ich bin's05/03/13 06:21 pm1: Chapter 1Anonymous

Wonderful story from the first to the last word!

You write so well, that I have the feeling I am in the story myself, standing in some corner of Mildreth house and watching closely. I got somehow lighthearted watching how the women acted and listenng to their jokes and 'seeing' Elwynna's helplessness, when her hand was kissed, was just priceless.

I usually prefer a little longer stories, but I am happy that I read yours, because it is such a pleasant and enjoyable stroy and I still have a 'comfortable' feeling because of it. Thanks!

Author's Response:

Thank you, ich bin! I'm so glad you enjoyed this short story. I usually like the longer ones, too, but sometimes an idea hits for a short story and I like to pursue it--it gives me a nice creative break from the long-haul project. And too, it gives my readers something to read that they'll (hopefully) enjoy while they're waiting on the long story.  Anyway, you're very kind to let me know your reaction to the story--so glad you felt fully immersed in it!

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