Michelle06/26/11 09:31 pm1: Chapter 1Signed

Wonderful story - especially the end. Very quick thinking on Aragorn's part that he's coming up with the name Halbarad (though, maybe he has been using the name as an alias anyway - in rememberance of his friend).

I liked that Aragorn is quite unsure of what he's doing here - the crucial scene in which he's holding his breath was very powerful. And of course I've always loved incognito!Aragorn *smiles*.

Author's Response:

Well, I am sure that Aragorn would be incognito in that situation anyway (say, if the woman wasn't in trouble; he and Faramir would simply ask for a dry place to sleep, without telling who they are). As we would say in Croatian, he is not "playing important".

I am glad you like this. :) I enjoyed writing it, especially the very end. :)

Thanks for reviewing!

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