Michelle07/03/11 01:23 am1: Boys will be BoysSigned

I like how you show the differences between Gilraen and her elven surroundings in something as simple as houseware, furniture. I can very well imagine that you must feel like living in a museum when you walk through Rivendell. Everything just breathes so much history. But apparently, that's different for the elves because they have lived through all that history. Interesting that you chose to explore that here!

Author's Response:

Many thanks for your much appreciated review. I imagine too that Living in Rivendell is like a museum. When I was young we had a neighbour with a house like that and I wasn't allowed to play where all her antiques were. My Gilraen muse seems active at present for some reason!

Tanis05/19/11 07:54 am1: Boys will be BoysSigned

No, I'm not stalking you, lol, I was wandering archives and stopped by here and this was under Most Recent.  And since I really enjoyed it, I figured it was proper and fitting to leave you a note here as well. 

And then I realized one of the pod fics submtited for the contest had been written by you!  Eldarion's escapades with the sweets.  N. Forest did a great job of reading it and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the story when it posted! 

And then there's this story.  What a great response to this B2MEM challenge!  Using a young Aragorn is a perfect match up for broken things and poor, anxious Gilraen's arc from defiance to pride is nicely done.  A darling tale all around. 



Author's Response:

Many thanks for your much appreciated review. I'm always delighted when anyone is following my work !I'm pleaed you enjoyed this story.It was a great thrill to me that N Forrest decided to read a "Taste of Honey" for the podfic contest.

I'm so glad you liked this glimpse of Aragorn and his mother.

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