Michelle10/10/10 09:29 pm1: Three Wise MenSigned

Ha! I liked reading more about your Harad ambassador and I like that Aragorn and Faramir came to an agreement. What Aragorn is attempting there must be done of course. But peaceful relations between two countries can't happen overnight, so this is a small first step. Tahir was accepted in Minas Tirith eventually, the same will happen with the merchants.

What I also found interesting is that you included a bit about Minas Tirith needing this agreement because they need a number of produce from Harad. I think trade relations are often ignored in fic - whatever characters need they just get it from a cupboard like Middle Earth is a big supermarket. What you are doing here feels a lot more realistic.

Author's Response:

Many thanks for your much appreciated review.I'm pleased that you enjoyed this story and it felt real to you. I  try to think of how the society must have worked in those days as well as drawing on what people have told me about regaining trust after coflicts between nations.

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