breath tttaaken!11!!!/04/20/13 10:29 pm3: Chapter 3Anonymous

so perfect im gasping

Michelle07/29/10 01:53 am3: Chapter 3Signed

I'm not sure whether I ever reviewed this. I think I didn't, but my brain basically has as many holes as a Swiss cheese, so...

I really liked this, mostly because it was so suprisingly lighthearted. When there's sealonging involved, things naturally get a little more somber and serious. Not so here, this was a lot of innocent fun - especially with all the hilarious contests going on.

And those two can be very thankful to have a friend like Gimli - okay, he's a scheming dwarf, but he only had their best interest in mind. That was a great twist there at the end!

Author's Response:

No, you haven't reviewed this, but even if you had, I wouldn't have minded :) 


Thanks! I'm glad you like the lightheartedness! It came as a surprise to me as well. Most of the time all I write is angst, and whenever a story turns out humourous or lighthearted, I have to stare at it in disbelief and wonder "Hmm... did *I* just write that?" But our three heroes were in need of some innocent fun, after everything they have suffered.


And I'm sure Aragorn and Legolas are glad they have a friend like Gimli, even if they didn't show it in the most obvious way. Thanks a lot for reviewing!

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