Striderette911/07/10 02:46 am13: Chapter 13 - Epilogue: Strong Arms and Spilled BloodSigned

This is a great story, superbly told. It has just the right blend of action, suspense, pathos, and comfort. You have great talent for taking Aragorn to the limits of his endurance before bringing him back to a place of wholeness and safety. I love your characterization of the strong bonds of friendship and loyalty that exist between Aragorn and his fellow rangers, and I love your original characters Denlad and Ferdinand.....the latter of whom is, by the way, sufficiently "Tookish"!!!! Bravo!!!

Author's Response:

Thank you!  Those things... action, suspense, humor, comfort, pathos... are what I strive to hit in all my stories (at least the longer ones) so I'm glad you found them all present and accounted for in this one. :)   And the bonds between Aragorn and his Rangers, especially Halbarad and the OC's I created that form his "upper ranks", is something I'm fascinated by and love exploring, and what better way than to put poor Aragorn in a bit of a bind!  And Ferdinand... I just loved writing him.  He was my first attempt at writing hobbits and surprised me at every turn. 

So glad you enjoyed this and thanks for taking time to leave a review online. ;)

Michelle12/09/09 09:57 pm13: Chapter 13 - Epilogue: Strong Arms and Spilled BloodSigned

Ah, that ending gives a lot of food for thought. (And Butterbur surely makes it sound like Aragorn is a rockstar trashing his hotel room *g*). Very interesting choice to let it end on such a note, it certainly contrasts nicely to the rangers' interaction with Ferdinand.

Again, a wonderful fic from you! I always like coming back to them, because you make it work - within all the angst and everyone getting beat up (literally and figuratively) the characters hold everything together. And your characterizations skills are very strong - and that applies to all the characters.

Author's Response: Thanks, Michelle!  That's a high compliment, that you think I handle characterization well, because stories that don't are a bit of a peeve of mine.  I would hate to think I ever feel into the "poor characterization" category of writer.  I did want to leave this story a bit open ended, basically because at that period of time, Aragorn's life is nothing if not a bunch of loose strings waiting to be tied off.  From not ever really knowing their real enemies to having to protect an unappreciative people for who knows how long, life isn't easy or tidy for the Rangers or Aragorn.  I wanted to show that in the story.  I'm glad you enjoyed it, and very appreciative of your kind comments!

Michelle12/09/09 09:06 pm9: Chapter 9 - SafeSigned
Xou know what I always find quite wondrous about your stories? You have Aragorn either unconscious or teetering just on the edge of unconsciousness usually for about at least 40% of your story/stories. And still you manage - convincingly - to stick to Aragorn's POV. That has always amazed me.

Author's Response:

Thanks!  Wow 40%?  I had never actually done the math but I know I do have him battered, bruised and bewildered quite a bit, poor guy.  I suppose it all comes down to keeping him just this side of fully unconscious??  Regardless, I'm glad you find that I keep him fully Aragorn the entire time... not too sure *he's* glad about that, though!

Thanks for the review!

Michelle12/09/09 08:39 pm7: Chapter 7 - Not Without A FightSigned

 You've been in full angst mode for seven chapters, what a delight:) Well, not for Aragorn, of course...

Though, meanwhile, I have some hope that all those Southrons are dead (quite an infestation they have there). Which would mean that our dynamic foursome could concentrate on getting Aragorn better. Or get him to a better spot, at least:)

Author's Response: I haven't taken it easy on any of them, have I!  I'm glad you're enjoying it... an infestation is a very good word for it.  I think they need an exterminator. ;)   Thanks for the review!

Michelle12/08/09 09:31 pm5: Chapter 5 - All You Need Do is ListenSigned
Oh, how can you be so evil! And what are Halbarad and Denlad doing? Taking a shortcut (and as we all know, shortcuts will take you three times the time you'd normally need). Hurry up, boys!

Author's Response: I think Halbarad overslept the morning they were teaching "How Rangers Should Never Take Shortcuts". ;)

Michelle12/08/09 09:23 pm4: Chapter 4 - Grim DeedsSigned

And of course those were not only four spies... argh. How is it that a hobbit can go about his business in perfect peacefulness, but wherever those rangers go, problems will ensue:)

But of course I'm not complaining, I like it that way!

Author's Response: LOL... it's because they're so tall.  They're like walking lightning rods.  *g*

Michelle12/08/09 08:59 pm2: Chapter 2 - Concern and ConsternationSigned
Yes, Halbarad and Denlad to the rescue! (Maybe they'll even arrive in time for some of Ferdinand's dinner. Or breakfast. Or anything that comes between.)

Author's Response: Yep, they're on their way... and I'm sure whenever they show, Ferdinand will be more than happy to cook them something. :)  Thanks for the review!

Michelle12/08/09 08:49 pm1: Chapter 1 - Strange EncountersSigned
Ah, here I am, back to be treated to one of your wonderful fics. And true enough, this started out with a bit of angst (nothing beats a certain ranger toppling over from blood loss in my book) and then turned into a nice scene by the fireside which makes me all curious of how this will continue!

Author's Response: Yay!  I'm glad you've found time to do a little reading, and more so that you decided to read my story.   Brace yourself for ups and downs and backs and forths with this one.  Thanks for your kind words, always. :) 

ovli11/11/09 09:33 pm1: Chapter 1 - Strange EncountersAnonymous


Actually, I love all your stories, most of them, I read over and over again. But this one is so thrilling, I can't wait to read the next chapter! Thank you for updating so frequently! 

Author's Response: Hi, Ovli... thank you very much!  I'm glad you enjoy my stories and gladder still that you took a moment to let me know.  I'm definitely trying to keep this story updated more often, since it's filled with so many cliffhangers.  I'll be updating again come Friday morning, if all goes well.  Thanks again for the review!

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