Michelle08/23/09 09:24 pm5: Chapter 5: LEGOLASSigned

You know, I wouldn't much mind if this went on for another ten to twenty chapters! You have such a good grasp on the characters, it's a real treat to experience Aragorn's plight through the eyes of all those different characters.

In short, a really good read!

Author's Response:

I am so sorry, Michelle, that I just njow noticed your kind review.  Please forgive the lateness of my response.

I'm SO glad you liked this!  I had a really good time writing it, mainly because I wanted to really nail down my "take" on each of these characters.  At the time I wrote this I was still very new to the LoTR fandom, and I felt like some of my stories didn't have a clear take on how I viewed each of these beloved characters.  I mean, all writers tend to look at each of them just a little bit differently, and I realized I had not yet crystallized MY viewpoint. :-)

This story did that for me, and I had a wonderful time with it.

Thank you so much for writing; I appreciate your kind words and am pleased you enjoyed it.


Michelle08/23/09 09:20 pm4: Chapter 4: ELRONDSigned
Yeah, what I just said... just multiply with ten *loves*. Aragorn the hero is all fine and well, but I much prefer Aragorn the human with all that entails.

Michelle08/23/09 09:16 pm3: Chapter 3: ELROHIRSigned
Okay, there are two things I particularly like here. Maybe even three: First, you're keeping the reader on his toes, never quite letting him in on the secret, keeping him interesting. Two, I like the fact that you're showing what comes after the battle and after saving one's life. That slow and long road of recovery is so rarely shown in fanfic (if only I knew why). And lastly, I like that you show Aragorn's weakness (for lack of a better word).

Michelle08/23/09 09:11 pm2: Chapter 2: ELLADANSigned
*sniff* A beautiful scene between two brothers. And of course Elladan - as the big brother - would feel responsible for something that was obviously an accident that nobody could have foreseen. I swear, this whole family is infested with the "It's my fault" - disease!

Michelle08/23/09 09:07 pm1: Chapter 1: The AccidentSigned

Oh, a story after my own heart. Why do I always like it best when Aragorn is unconscious on the ground *g*?

A very unusual POV, btw, but so far it's working wonderfully.

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