Justine11/25/11 09:51 pm1: Close CallAnonymous

amazing Aragorn h/c and Legolas angst

very well written

Michelle03/22/09 08:48 pm2: SiblingsSigned

Awww, a beautiful end and a wonderful scene in the forest between Legolas, Elladan and Elrohir. Especially the part about being brothers (the quote in the beginning is absolutely perfect for this chapter)!

And I loved the description of Legolas in bed. I had to smile while reading it:)

Author's Response:

I'm very happy you liked the ending and the scene between Legolas and the twins! That Elladan and Elrohir might see Legolas as a little brother is a fairly new idea for me, but I love it. :) I really liked that quote, too - I couldn't think of one more suited for this chapter!

The description of Legolas at the end is one of my favourite scenes in the story. He must have looked so cute! *bg*

Thank you so much for your reviews, Michelle! :)

Michelle03/22/09 08:29 pm1: Close CallSigned

I swear to you, I think sometimes we're doing the Vulcan Mind Melt. I have actually a "Aragorn gets wounded for the first time ever" story planned in my wolf!verse. And where do I want him to get shot? In the leg... it's uncanny:)

Wonderful h/c so far and it's just like Estel to worry more about Legolas than about himself. Though, truth be told, he worrying quite a bit about himself. Which is totally understandable!

Author's Response:

Now that's really funny! *g* LOL, poor Estel - it seems between us he's in for a very bad time (and poor Legolas, too)!

I really felt like writing some intense h/c again. ;-) It's so much like even a young, hurting Estel to worry more about Legolas than about himself, isn't it? I think it was probably a good thing that worrying about Legolas distracted Estel a bit from his own pain and the situation he was in, otherwise he surely would have felt very scared!

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