Michelle06/16/09 09:39 pm14: Epilogue: The Song of the LightSigned

I think it's known far and wide that I'm always game for a good AU story. And you had so many wonderful ideas here that blended quite well with canon facts. Some of my favourite parts:

* Your decision to include many many Tolkien quotes. As an author, you always walk a fine line doing this: It might seem like copying or it might bore readers (since they tend to know these quotes *g*). But I never had that feeling while reading your story, because you managed to put the quotes in a new perspective, give them a new spin.

* Arwen. Can't stress that enough!

* That you did not only concentrate on the hurt, but spent nearly as much time on the comfort. I truly think the story wouldn't have worked otherwise.

* And my absolute favourite moment was (and I can't believe that myself, because I'm not much of a Frodo fan) that short scene with Aragorn and Frodo at Aragorn's bedside where they're just looking at one another, sharing a moment. Made me swallow hard that one!

Author's Response:

Thank you very much for all your your reviews Michelle! I'm really glad that you liked this AU.

I didn't decide to include the quotes consciously, they just came to my mind when writing different scenes. My favourite is at the end of ch. 5, it came to my mind right before posting the chapter, and I realized how poignant it is in this meaning.  I think I have a tendence to use Tolkien's quotes in my stories, and I'm glad if it's not boring or like copying. 

And I couldn't omit Arwen, she had an important role in the story, as she did in books, although we didn't see her much. She was in the background, but she was always the light that is worth fighting for, as I see her. And I love the similarity of their story to the tale of Beren and Lúthien...

I think that I needed the comfort part myself after writing the first part, I wouldn't be able to stop writing calmly without it. And I concentrated on Aragorn, but I didn't want to omit Frodo's part in the story. 

Thank you for reading and your comments again!



Michelle06/16/09 09:04 pm11: Renewed shall be blade that was brokenSigned

Mhm, I wonder whether Aragorn will remember this once he wakes...

This chapter had a very special feel to it - a small expedition in the lands of the Silmarillion, if you like:)

Author's Response:

I think that it felt to him like an unclear dream once he awoke...

And despite Elrond coming, this it the "deus ex machina"  (quite literally =) that was needed...

Our travel agency offers last-minute expeditions to Silmarillion with a discount now, children under 5 years for free ;)

Michelle06/16/09 08:54 pm10: The Return of the KingSigned
In the middle of this chapter I thought that you'd (or Aragorn) need a deus ex machina. I thought Elrond would be the logical choice, but to find that once again you brought Arwen into play is a nice surprise.

Author's Response: Oh yes, Arwen was a surprise for Gandalf, too =) I imagined the scene in Imladris, when the eagle came for Elrond. Whe he told her where he is going, she simply couldn't stay, using all her means of persuation on Elrond to let her go with him, despite his reasoning that the eagle has a long way after and before him even without carrying two of them. Maybe she made even a hysterical scene... Elrond and Gwaihir had no chance *g*

Michelle06/15/09 09:22 pm8: I will not let the White City fallSigned
A really, really strong chapter. I think it was a marvellous idea to take the concept of an "inner battle" and make it real - make the invisible and imagined palpable and visible. And I really hope Frodo starts to hurry up sometime soon!

Author's Response:

Thank you very much Michelle! It was a great chapter to write, also...

But, hm, Frodo already fulfilled his quest - at the end of this chapter. The scene was not described, because I concentrated on Aragorn's POV. I think "and then all passed"  in the quote from Tolkien was the moment when the Ring was thrown into fire...

Michelle06/15/09 09:05 pm7: Reeling and foundering, as ever more strongSigned

Between all the torture, I loved that you included a scene with Arwen. She's so often forgotten in fanfic, so I'm always doubly please when I see her make an appearance from time to time!

And it is rather ironic that Sam and Frodo are right under Sauron's nose while he's torturing Aragorn within an inch of his life to learn of their location!

Author's Response:

I think that the love between Aragorn and Arwen is such a strong part of Aragorn's personality that I can't be excluded from a story like this. He appeares only shortly in the books, but I think that she was in Aragorn't thoughts every day.

And yes, that's true. Quite ironic, and shows Sauron's weakness in his strength. 

Michelle06/15/09 08:37 pm5: Of secrets kept, strength like a towerSigned
Oh, this is getting really dark. Which I like, of course:) And the description of Ilúvatar's song was really beautiful, btw!

Author's Response:

Oh yes, very dark...I'm glad to hear that you like it!

Thank you! The song is a central motive of this fic, a recurrent theme in the later chapters. Music has a very important place in Tolkien's world, and I wanted to show it here. A song created Arda, songs can heal and bring hope, help to find a lost person like Sam's song in the Orc tower, they can be weapons in a duel like Sauron's and Finrod's. Hence the title of this fic... 

Michelle06/14/09 09:18 pm4: Resisting, battling against powerSigned

Oh, Aragorn is pretty much a mess already and you're only in chapter 4! Which means you'll have a lot more in store for him, poor man:)

I'm actually a bit worried about Aragorn retreating into himself (very good description there, btw) to escape the rather horrible situation he finds himself in. I hope he'll just not lose his way one of these days...

Author's Response:

Poor Aragorn... I told you =) He's in the clutches of an evil fanfic author, so yes, you have a reason to be worried...

Thank you for the review again, and I hope that I didn't discourage you from further reading. Maybe I'm not so evil after all ;) 

Michelle06/14/09 08:56 pm2: He chanted a song of wizardrySigned
You've got some very nice imagery in this chapter. Very evocative!

Author's Response: Thank you! Sometimes I have the feeling that I mix everything: when I write, I like to paint images with words, and when I draw, I like to tell a story with the picture... :D

Michelle06/14/09 08:44 pm1: To the tombs of kings doom approachesSigned
Oh, this is a very promising beginning. For some reason, there's always a lot less fanfic set during the War of the Ring than there is for the pre-war time. So I'm always eager when I get my hands on a story set during that time. And if it has Nazgûl, even better. If fear, that thing has nothing good in store for poor Aragorn...

Author's Response:

That is true, maybe because it's easier to explore something that Tolkien said very little about, then try to fit into the canon. Well, this is an AU, so it's not entirely fitting, but I tried to stay as much canon as possible.


And I fear the the phrase "poor Aragorn" will come to your mind quite often... Thank you for the review, I'm glad that you ound time for reading the story!

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