Michelle05/22/10 11:45 pm32: I will be to him as a fotherSigned

I very much enjoyed this tale and I'm sad to see it come to an end. You have a unique way of writing Aragorn and Faramir and I always love coming back to this series and read about their (mis)adventures. I missed the addition of Arwen and Eowyn in this story, but I realized that this was essentially about Aragorn's and Faramir's reconciliation. So no women needed:) And they have truly come a long way in the course of this story. If I compare this last chapter to the beginning, where they were hardly able to hold a decent conversation. That's a world away!

Author's Response:

Many thanks for your reviews which I've much enjoyed reading.I'm delighted you enjoyed the story.I think their wives tend to keep our heroes out of trouble when they are around! I'm explanding my "Teitho" Dark Pkaces"  dragon story into a novel length angst epic, so Aragorn and Faramir's adventures are not over.

Michelle05/22/10 12:24 am27: Along came a SpiderSigned

You know, on the one hand I really like the idea that you decided on showing that by defeating Sauron evil didn't go poof and vanished. It lost some of its power, but it still ingers. So yes, I like that indeed.

On the other hand: EWWWWWW!!! Especially this chapter is pretty hard fare for an arachnophobiac like me! And then, in the end, you just had to go and include that tiny spider there. Yikes. You torture me!

Author's Response:

I'm sorry the spider freaked you out. I'm fine with spiders, but worms,oh dear! They showed on in a nature programme on TV tonight and I had to shut my eyes! Blame Raksha for the tiny spider as she thought it would giva a nice twist to the end of the chapter!

Michelle05/21/10 11:30 pm23: Reapers,I pray you,make hasteSigned

LOL, took Aragorn long enough to put that puzzle together. He's not quite Sherlock Holmes, after all:)

Author's Response:

I think Aragorn is still not quite up to scratch after his ordeal in Web of Treason! Thanks for reviewing.

Author's Response:

I think Aragorn is still not quite up to scratch after his ordeal in Web of Treason! Thanks for reviewing.

Michelle05/19/10 09:04 pm14: Summertime and the livin' is easySigned

I loved this chapter! Aragorn's time in Gondor as Thorongil is one of my favourite "gaps". I've written about it only briefly myself, but I find it highly interesting to read about it - especially the different versions authors come up with, and what different points they stress. So this was definitely a treat for me! And having Aragorn tell this story to Faramir was an added bonus!

Author's Response:

Many thanks for your much appreciated review. Raksha eserves a lot of credit for helping me with this chapter as we wrote Aragorn's time as Thorongil together, though it took us some time to agree how he felt about Denethor.I would love to read more stories about Thorongil's time in Gondor too.

Michelle05/17/10 09:32 pm10: Tat Avam AsiSigned

A beautiful scene, especially the image of the cleansing water that washes the bitterness of the last months away. Very poignant!

Author's Response:

Many thanks for your much appreciated review. I'm pleased you enjoyed this scene, which is one of my personal favourites.

Michelle05/16/10 09:32 pm5: I am no longer worthy to be called your sonSigned

Mhmm, looks like they're off to a good start (if you don't take into account the final paragraphs of this chapter). At least better that I would have imagined. Problem is, I don't really share Arwen's positive outlook on this. I mean, she knows those two. It's highly unlikely they'll just return *without* finding trouble along the way!

Author's Response:

Arwen is the eternal optimist! You are right to suspect there will be trouble ahead!

Michelle05/16/10 09:03 pm3: Air! Air! My heart is suffocating!Signed

Umm, would you mind very much if I'd love to see this naked wrestling match?!

*shuffles off grinning*

Author's Response:

I promise they are going to lose their clothes during thestory, but no wrestling!

Michelle05/16/10 08:52 pm2: A Dinner of HerbsSigned

It seems that matters of state are the only thing Aragorn and Faramir are able to discuss - they still have their love for Gondor in common, so I hope that will prove useful at some point. Poor Arwen, she has quite some work ahead of her:(

Author's Response:

I feel sorry for poor Arwen. THe sad thing is that they do still care deeply about each other but are too stubborn to admit it!

Michelle05/16/10 08:42 pm1: Out of Egypt I have called my sonSigned

Here I am, and very much looking forward to this story - you know me, big fan of the series:)

What would those two do without their wives? They would probably never heal the rift between them and instead prefer to be miserable for the rest of their very long lives!

Author's Response:

Many thanks for your much appreciated reviews.I do hope youwill enjoy this story as much as the others. Sometimes our heroes almost need their sensible wives to knock their heads together!

Michelle03/10/10 12:16 pm32: I will be to him as a fotherSigned
It's finished?! *squeee* Congratulations... and I will *so* be reading this as the earliest possibility!

Author's Response:

And I hope you enjoyed it this epic!

Turwaith06/21/09 07:58 pm1: Out of Egypt I have called my sonAnonymous

I love it, although I think Aragorn notices quite late what else this "death" could be.

Please, continue? 

Author's Response: Many thanks for your much appreciated review.I'm delighted you are enjoying my story and have just posted a new chapter.

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