Michelle05/25/09 09:22 pm1: Like a Bird in the SkySigned
Oh, it's such a beautiful idea to have Legolas take that image from his mother's tales and use it to get her back. And not to get her back for himself, but for his father *sniffs*. That's the logic of a child's mind - fortunately Thranduil showed up in the nick of time to prevent a catastrophe!

Author's Response: I fear I really managed to scare poor Thranduil badly in this story, but I just loved that image of little Legolas high up in the branches of a tree, believing he could fly on the wings of the storm. ;-) I think it would be just the kind of idea an imaginative, sensible child would come up with, especially if he happened to have a mother who liked to tell tales like that. I was really a bit teary-eyed when I wrote that story, too. *g* Thank you so much for your review, Michelle! :)

fiery star06/12/08 02:04 pm1: Like a Bird in the SkySigned

Oh !!!!

 little, legolas, you are so sweet !!! silivren you break mt heart, legolas is so innocent. bless....

 all in all, wonderful story! you write very well, and you describe things in your stories to perfection!

all the best, Fiery Star

Author's Response:

Hi! I'm very glad you enjoyed my story so much! Little Legolas is just cute, isn't he? ;-) I really love writing him and Thranduil together. Thank you so much for both your review and the compliment! :)


Amarok05/16/08 07:15 pm1: Like a Bird in the SkySigned
This evoked quite a few childhood memories of my own, happy ones and sad ones... Anyway, I love stories which show the special connection Legolas has with trees. And imagining Thranduil climbing down the balcony was fun. Thanks for sharing this nice tale.

Author's Response:

This story evoked childhood memories for me, too - Tawariel has quite a lot in common with one of my grandmothers, who died when I was still a small child. It's a kind of bittersweet story for me.

I've always loved Legolas' connection with trees and nature and I really enjoy writing and reading stories about it. I liked that scene where Thranduil is climbing down the balcony, too. *g* I'm very glad you enjoyed my little story, thank you so much for your review! :)


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