Lily Symons12/14/15 04:38 pm1: And so our friendship began...Anonymous

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StarLight01/10/10 05:21 pm1: And so our friendship began...Signed

I know this story was written a long time ago, and I kept hearing (or rather reading) how good it is, but for some reason I delayed reading it myself. I am very glad I did so today - it is a beautiful work.

 I believe it stayed quite true to canon, definitely more true than many other stories do. First meeting stories are hard to write because, on one hand, you would want Legolas and Aragorn to be friends already by the end of the story, but on the other friendships are not formed so easily and it is hard to make it realistic. Here you have done a wonderful job - the characters' reactions are very believable, and it is no wonder that their friendship grew in a matter of days. Great conflict, and great suspense too.

 Perfect, flawless work - the one that keeps you at the edge of your seat, while at the same time warms your heart, and not many tales can do both. Thank you for the enjoyable reading!

Mirach02/28/09 01:10 pm1: And so our friendship began...Signed
I liked the story very much! Despite the circumstances they were able to find their way to each other and in the whole story, Aragorn was simply adorable! Unselfish and never complainig (as ever...)

Author's Response: Many thanks for your review. I am glad you enjoyed my Aragorn-through-Legolas'-eyes :-).

Larner08/01/08 09:57 am1: And so our friendship began...Anonymous
A nice gapfiller of sorts for movie-verse, and a good explanation as to how that friendship could have begun.  I find the Men's intentions to be terrible, and am glad Aragorn found a way to outwit them.

Author's Response: Many thanks for your review. I am glad you think it works as explanation how they could have met and become friends :-).

Michelle06/27/08 11:39 pm1: And so our friendship began...Signed

Ah, another one of your first-meeting stories I hadn't found yet. What a nice surprise - and it's so comforting to know that there will probably countless other first-meeting stories. I can never get enough!

I liked the POV. First person is always fun in my opinion and in this case, staying with one character of course makes sense and hightens the thrill for the reader. And since I like mysterious!Aragorn, Legolas would have been my POV of choice as well.

And wow, what a hard start for the two of them. Of course Legolas would have continued to be suspicious, even if he normally had an unusual fondness for humans - the situation just didn't look good for Aragorn. And in the end that man is always too ready to accept his failures and shortcomings to SPEAK UP FOR HIMSELF:) But I'm glad it worked out in the end and this time you didn't even have to kill Aragorn! 

Author's Response: Hehe... I am glad you liked it.

Well, I almost killed our poor ranger again. But having him 'die' once was really enough I guess ;-).

Grin, I do hope it is not the last first meeting story I'll post, even though I feel a bit stupid to be stuck on them so much.

White Wolf05/05/08 08:13 am1: And so our friendship began...Signed

I've read a number of 'first meeting' stories (I even wrote one myself), but this one is the most unique I've come across.

At first, I was a little indignant.  I thought both Legolas and Aragorn were very out-of-character with their behavior, and I was ready to get my dander up. :o)  But as the story progressed, it began to make more sense to me.  By the end of it, I was feeling a lot better about everything. 

You have a very unusual take on how the two came to care for each other.  That's not necessarily a bad thing, by any means.  It certainly makes for interesting reading.

The story was very well told.  I've only read a couple of your stories (so far), but I've come to expect quality from you.  Well done. 



Author's Response: Uh... thanks a lot... And thanks for giving it a chance even after a not so good start :-).

I fear I sometimes have a slight tendency to put them through rough beginnings/times in their friendship. I do see them as strong friends and great good characters (otherwise I'd not play with them in this way :-) ) but I like to explore the possibilities of misunderstandings, diversity on different levels, and such things. Must be my BSc Psy studies, they give me too many funny ideas, I guess :-).

Oh, and I have read your 'first meeting'-story also, and liked it a lot. It was not at NAN though (I checked a few months ago, because I wanted to review it), must have been at some other place, but I clearly remember that I read it when I came running into this fandom a year or so ago, because I love first meeting stories, and your pen-name got very stuck in my mind :-) - it's great.

Cris05/03/08 06:54 am1: And so our friendship began...Anonymous

Wow. I'm impressed with your story. I'll admit to being slightly appalled that Legolas came so close to killing Aragorn just because of the human's ancestry. But I think you made Legolas' indecision seem almost reasonable. ('Almost' because, like I said, I'm appalled at the idea of punishing someone for their ancestors' actions.)

I especially like the scene when Aragorn is suffering from the poisoning from the tea. (A touch of a more compassionate Legolas.) And I think you did a great job with Aragorn's withdrawal after Legolas finds the ring. I could *feel* how much it hurt Aragorn to face Legolas' condemnation because of Isildur.

Anyway, thanks for sharing. I enjoyed your story.

Author's Response: Thanks for your review :-) !

To tell the truth: It was hard for me to explain Legolas' behaviour. I actually do have a hard time to understand such thinking, even though I know it exists - and I have a hard time seeing Legolas in this way also. There was just this scene in my head, where he is almost killing the man who once will become his best friend, and I needed to find a way to rationalize it - and believe me, the reasons, or rather lack of reasons, I had in an earlier draft were far worse :-). How I made up the beliefs he had been taught, combined with the really stressful stuation (with that part I am more familiar, but I am a sqeamish woman, not a seasoned warrior, so I needed a bit more reason for him to react so out of character than simply stress ;-) ) just about explains his reaction from a psychological point of view, I think. His greatness in my view is that he overcomes it.

With the poisoning scene... hehe... thanks! I struggled with that also. It was so intense to write (and re-write ;-) ), and the scene I was most nervous about.

Well, and while writing, even though it is from Legolas POV, I often spent hours trying to feel my way into Aragorn, how he'd react, how he'd feel..., glad it worked :-).

Lestė05/01/08 05:03 pm1: And so our friendship began...Anonymous

Very good, Amarok. I enjoyed this story very, very much. I haven't read "Lord of the Rings" fanfiction in a while now, but this story just pulled me in. Well, you write Aragorn angst so well, I can't resist :-)

"This story is once more a try of mine -- and surely not the last ;-) -- to fill that void."

Not the last? Glad to hear that! Love Aragorn meets Legolas stories.

Thank you for sharing!


Author's Response:

Grin..., welcome back, Lestë :-). I also love first meeting stories - but sometimes I feel a bit crazy to be stuck on them so much, so at least once in a while I try to write something different for a change..., but time and again I end up with the two of them in a new 'first meeting' situation... :-)

Thenidiel05/01/08 02:49 pm1: And so our friendship began...Anonymous
I enjoyed this; unusually as I tend not to like POV stories. However, this one was done very well. Thanks!

Author's Response: Well, thank you :-). And I am glad the POV did work for you in this case :-)

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